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Burning Down The House

This song is by Canibus.

Shoot you, boot to the chin, then shoot you again
Hallucinogens'll make me do the stupidest things
You claim you illa'? Have you layin' up with pain killers
Slaughter more niggaz than I care to remember
I build and destroy like the City of Troy
I'ma start an empire like Fiftys boys
Lean on the game till it buckle, push till I bust through
Most of y'all remain bubble
Perfect rap muscle, Public Enemy half a double
Do the math I'm a classic rebel
Y'all niggaz must of missed the phone ringing, close call
My phone talk tear your jaw bones off
Burn your nose off with a charcoal mark
Romp like the tires on a off-road car
Helicopter you from the side like Tartar
With more chrome than car shows with old cars

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