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Build The Rhyme

This song is by Canibus.

Can-I-Bus, wash off the rust
This is prophecy, I ain't just talking tough
Democracy Rules Everything Around Me, D.R.E.A.M.
They put me in charge of the new Tiger Team
Illmatic, still savage, still at it
Mechanics build the rhymes, I build the mechanics
Binary language, trinary programming?
To copy rap flows nowadays is no challenge
Smoke don't rise in the opposite direction
Overhead projectors don't stop till perfection
Gallop over the poles, after the election
The master of impressions, like Zecharia Sitchin
Permission to get crunked up, ask the instructor
Big Brother, nigga lover, want lyrics this summer
We live in tumultuous times, I must be out of my mind
Recording rhymes like I'm soldering wires
Behind giant porcelain tigers with needle nose pliers
They told me I was hired, so I left with those buyers
My shit got less talk, but it's a bit lighter
Tell General Myers I'll fix both fighters
Situational awareness of all areas
Knowledge is the disease we are all carriers
Of Flownitis, flow the nicest with no guidance
From the Hip Hop... anti-virus
Sun rises, 30 arc seconds the sun spot crisis
Put fucking blisters on your iris
Ten observations per satellite
The higher masses orbit the rhyme, the faster I write

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