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Cross the Line (2011)

Camo & Krooked - Cross the Line

Cross the Line

  1. Get Dirty (featuring TC)
  2. All Fall Down (featuring Shaz Sparks)
  3. Breezeblock
  4. Cross The Line (featuring Ayah Marar)
  5. Make The Call (featuring TC)
  6. Run Riot
  7. Anubis
  8. In The Future (featuring Futurebound and Jenna G)
  9. The Lesson (featuring Skittles)
  10. Watch It Burn (featuring Ayah Marar)
  11. Hot Pursuit
  12. Funk You
  13. Far Away
  14. Afterlife

Between The Lines (2012)


Between The Lines

  1. Get Dirty (Smooth Remix)
  2. Lost In The Future (featuring Futurebound and Jenna G)
  3. Dusk To Dawn
  4. Afterlife (BCee Remix)
  5. Cross The Line (Metrik Remix)
  6. Anubis (Inside Info Remix)
  7. Further Away
  8. Run Riot (Sub Zero Remix)
  9. Cryptkeeper (Mind Vortex Remix)
  10. All Fall Down (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
  11. Hot Pursuit (FuntCase Remix)
  12. Watch It Burn (High Maintenence Remix)
  13. Change Me (Submorphics Remix)
  14. Hot Pursuit (Dead Battery Remix)
  15. Menace (Mefjus Remix)
  16. Phantom (Subwave Remix)
  17. Make The Call (Drum And Bass Remix)
  18. The Lesson (Body and Soul vs. Fourward Remix)
  19. Hot Pursuit (Cazio Remix)

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  • Reinhard Rietsch
  • Markus Wagner

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