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Caliban (1998)

Caliban - Caliban


  1. One More Lie
  2. Sophisticated
  3. Empty Silence
  4. Ignorance
  5. Sick
  6. One Day

Advance Tape (1999)

Caliban - Advance Tape

Advance Tape

  1. La difficulte d'etre
  2. Boredo(o)m
  3. L'enfer, c'est les autres

A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven (1999)

Caliban - A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven

A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven

  1. Intro
  2. Arena of Concealment
  3. In My Heart
  4. Destruction
  5. A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven
  6. Skit I
  7. A Faint Moment of Fortune
  8. Skit II
  9. Supervision Until Death
  10. Always Following Life
  11. Pollution
  12. Sylca
  13. Intolerance (Ignorance II)
  14. De Rebus Que Greunter
  15. Outro

The Split Program (2000)

Caliban And Heaven Shall Burn - The Split Program

The Split Program

  • Split Album with Heaven Shall Burn, to see full track listing, visit the album page.
  1. Intro
  2. Assassin Of Love
  3. A Summerdream
  4. Sunday's Words
  5. Partisan (cover of "Partisan" by Heaven Shall Burn)
  6. Outro

Vent (2001)

Caliban - Vent


  1. Entrance
  2. Fire of Night
  3. Love Taken Away
  4. In The Eye of The Storm
  5. About Time and Decisions
  6. Roots of Pain
  7. Happiness in Slavery
  8. Tyranny of Small Misery
  9. For
  10. My Last Beauty
  11. New Kind of Freedom
  12. Sycamore Dreams
  13. Erase the Enemy
  14. Exit

Shadow Hearts (2003)

Caliban - Shadow Hearts

Shadow Hearts

  1. Dark Shadows
  2. Forsaken Horizon
  3. Storm of Rage
  4. Vicious Circle
  5. Bad Dream
  6. The Seventh Soul
  7. Scream From the Abyss
  8. Detect Your Liberty
  9. Fire Is My Witness
  10. Between the Worlds
  11. A Piece of My Life
2005 Re-Release Bonus Track
  1. Everlasting (cover of "Everlasting" by Refused)
  2. Boredo(o)m

The Opposite from Within (2004)

Caliban - The Opposite from Within

The Opposite from Within

  1. The Beloved and the Hatred
  2. Goodbye
  3. I've Sold Myself
  4. Stand Up
  5. Senseless Fight
  6. Stigmata
  7. Certainty...Corpses Bleed Cold
  8. My Little Secret
  9. One of These Days
  10. Salvation
  11. Diary of an Addict
  12. 100 Suns
Japanese Edition Bonus Track
  1. Trapped in Time

The Split Program II (2005)

Caliban And Heaven Shall Burn - The Split Program II

The Split Program II

  • Split Album with Heaven Shall Burn, to see full track listing, visit the album page.
  1. The Revenge
  2. Arena Of Concealment
  3. One Day
  4. A Summer Dream
  5. One More Lie

The Undying Darkness (2006)

Caliban - The Undying Darkness

The Undying Darkness

  1. Intro
  2. I Rape Myself
  3. Song About Killing
  4. It's Our Burden to Bleed
  5. Nothing Is Forever
  6. Together Alone
  7. My Fiction Beauty
  8. No More 2nd Chances
  9. I Refuse to Keep On Living
  10. Sick of Running Away
  11. Moment of Clarity (featuring Mille Petrozza of Kreator)
  12. Army of Me (cover of "Army of Me" by Björk) (featuring Tanja Keilen)
  13. Room of Nowhere

The Awakening (2007)

Caliban - The Awakening

The Awakening

  1. I Will Never Let You Down
  2. Let Go
  3. Another Cold Day
  4. My Time Has Come
  5. Life Is Too Short
  6. Give Me a Reason
  7. Stop Running
  8. The Awakening
  9. I Believe
  10. Rise and Fight
  11. Nowhere to Run, No Place to Hide
  12. I'll Show No Fear
Japanese Edition Bonus Track
  1. I See the Falling Sky (featuring Anders Fridén of In Flames)

Say Hello to Tragedy (2009)

Caliban - Say Hello To Tragedy

Say Hello to Tragedy

  1. 24 Years
  2. Love Song (featuring Florian Velten of Machinemade God)
  3. Caliban's Revenge
  4. End This Sickness
  5. Walk Like The Dead
  6. No One Is Safe
  7. Liar (featuring Dennis Diehl of Any Given Day)
  8. The Denegation of Humanity
  9. Unleash Your Voice
  10. All I Gave
  11. In the Name of Progression
  12. Coma

Coverfield (2011)

Caliban - Coverfield


  1. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend (cover of "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" by Type O Negative)
  2. Sonne (cover of "Sonne" by Rammstein)
  3. Blinded By Fear (cover of "Blinded By Fear" by At The Gates)
  4. Helter Skelter (cover of "Helter Skelter" by The Beatles)

I Am Nemesis (2012)

Caliban - I Am Nemesis

I Am Nemesis

  1. We Are The Many (featuring Marcus Bischoff of Heaven Shall Burn, Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence and Benny Richter of The Mercury Arc)
  2. The Bogeyman
  3. Memorial
  4. No Tomorrow
  5. Edge of Black
  6. Davy Jones
  7. Deadly Dream
  8. Open Letter
  9. Dein R3.ich
  10. Broadcast to Damnation
  11. This Oath
  12. Modern Warfare (featuring Kotsche of Callejon)
CD Download Card Bonus Track
  1. Pulse (cover of "Pulse" by The Mad Capsule Markets)
iTunes Bonus Track
  1. Bild Dir Deine Meinung (cover of "Bild dir deine Meinung" by Mediengruppe Telekommander)
Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc (Coverfield Part 2):
  1. Shout at the Devil (cover of "Shout at the Devil" by Mötley Crüe)
  2. Sonne (cover of "Sonne" by Rammstein)
  3. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane (cover of "Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane" by Six Feet Under)
  4. Die, Die My Darling (cover of "Die, Die My Darling" by Misfits)
  5. Blinded By Fear (cover of "Blinded By Fear" by At The Gates)
  6. High Hopes (cover of "High Hopes" by Pink Floyd)
  7. Among the Living (cover of "Among The Living" by Anthrax)
  8. Edge of Black (Remix by Marcel Neumann - We Butter The Bread With Butter)

Ghost Empire (2014)

Caliban - Ghost Empire

Ghost Empire

  1. King
  2. Chaos - Creation
  3. Wolves and Rats
  4. nebeL (featuring BastiBasti of Callejon)
  5. I Am Ghost
  6. Devil’s Night
  7. yOUR Song
  8. Cries and Whispers
  9. Good Man (featuring Kotsche of Callejon)
  10. I Am Rebellion
  11. Who We Are
  12. My Vertigo
Bonus Track
  1. Falling Downwards (featuring Matt Heafy of Trivium)

Gravity (2016)

Caliban - Gravity


  1. Paralyzed
  2. Mein schwarzes Herz
  3. Who I Am
  4. Left for Dead
  5. Crystal Skies (featuring Jamie Graham of Heart of a Coward)
  6. Walk Alone
  7. The Ocean's Heart (featuring Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy)
  8. brOKen
  9. For We Are Forever
  10. Inferno (featuring Marcel Gadacz and Zach Britt of Dream On, Dreamer)
  11. No Dream Without a Sacrifice
  12. Hurricane
  13. Mein schwarzes Herz (Der Tante Renate/Steinborn Remix)
  14. Paralyzed (Emma McLellan Remix)

Elements (2018)

Caliban - Elements


  1. This Is War
  2. Intoxicated
  3. Ich Blute Für Dich (featuring Matthi of Nasty and Sebastian "Sushi" Biesler of Eskimo Callboy)
  4. Before Later Becomes Never (featuring CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder)
  5. Set Me Free
  6. My Madness
  7. I Am Fear
  8. Delusion
  9. Carry On
  10. Masquerade (featuring Brian Head Welch)
  11. Incomplete
  12. The Great Unknown
  13. Sleepers Awake

Other Songs

  1. Kiss Of The Cobra King
  2. Amen And Attack

Additional information

Years active:

  • 1997 - present

Band members:

  • Andy Dörner - Vocals
  • Denis Schmidt - Guitars, clean vocals
  • Marc Görtz - Guitars
  • Marco Schaller - Bass
  • Patrick Grün - Drums

Former members:

  • Andreas Nikolaou - Guitar
  • Claus Wilgenbusch - Guitar
  • Thomas Sielemann - Guitar
  • Engin Güres - Bass
  • Boris Pracht - Bass
  • Robert Kramer - Drums

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