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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Lafayette by Joe Falcon
  2. Le Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme by Clemo Breaux & Joseph F. Falcon
  3. T'est Petite a Ete T'est Meon by Dudley & James Fawvor
  4. Your Father Put Me Out by Leo Soileau & Mayeus Lafleur
  5. Easy Rider Blues by Soileau & Robin
  6. Ma Blonde Est Partie (Jolie Blonde) by Amédée Breaux
  7. One Step De Mamou by Dennis McGee
  8. Two Step De Eunice by Amédé Ardoin
  9. Bayou Pom Pom One Step by Angelas Le Jeunne
  10. Oh Bebe by Oscar Doucet & Alius Soileau
  11. Sur Le Chemin Chez Moi by Soileau Couzens
  12. Mon Chere Bebe Creole by Dennis McGee & Sady Courville
  13. A Mosquito Ate Up My Sweetheart by Segura Brothers
  14. Ma Cherie by Joe Creduer & Albert Babineaux
  15. Belle of Pont Clare by Artelus Mistric
  16. L'Abandonner (The Abandoned Waltz) by Berthmost Montet And Joswell Dupuis
  17. Je Vais Jouer Celea Pour Toi by Bixy Guidry & Percy Babineaux
  18. Saute Crapaud by Columbus Frugé
  19. Quelqu'un Est Jaloux by Delin T. Guillory & Lewis Lafleur
  20. Baoille by Delma Lachney & Blind Uncle Gaspard
  21. Le Blues de Neg' Francais by Leo Soileau & Moise
  22. One Step De Chupic by Dennis McGee
  23. Two Step De La Ville Platte by Dennis McGee & Ernest Fruge
  24. One Step Des Chameux by Dennis McGee & Amédé Ardoin
  25. One Step D'Oberlin by Dennis McGee & Amédé Ardoin
  26. Two Step D'Elton by Dennis McGee & Amédé Ardoin
Disc 2
  1. Oberlin by Amédé Ardoin & Dennis McGee
  2. Aimez-Moi Ce Soir by Amédé Ardoin
  3. La Valse Du Ballard by Amédé Ardoin
  4. Si Dur D'Etre Seul by Amédé Ardoin
  5. La Valse D'Utah by Breaux Frères
  6. Lonesome Blues by Floyd Shreve & The Three Aces
  7. Neath the Weeping Willow Tree by The Hackberry Ramblers
  8. La Valse De Gueydan by Leo Soileau's Four Aces
  9. French Blues by Nason Abshire & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  10. Rayne Breakdown by Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  11. One-Step De Lacassine by Nathan Abshire & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  12. Barroom Blues by Dixie Ramblers
  13. (My Old Used to Be) Mon Vieux D'Autrefois by Falcon Trio
  14. A Little Rendezvous in Honolulu by The Hackberry Ramblers
  15. J'ai Pas Bien Fey by The Hackberry Ramblers
  16. Just Once More by The Hackberry Ramblers
  17. On Top of the World by The Hackberry Ramblers
  18. Vinton High Society by The Hackberry Ramblers
  19. Darbone's Creole Stomp by The Hackberry Ramblers
  20. Les Blues De Bosco by Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  21. Nouveau Grande Gueydan by Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  22. Jolly Boys Breakdown by Jolly Boys Of Lafayette
  23. Lake Arthur Stomp by Miller's Merrymakers
  24. Pine Island by Miller's Merrymakers
  25. Wondering by Riverside Ramblers
  26. Rice City Stomp by The Hackberry Ramblers
Disc 3
  1. Fais Pas Ca by The Hackberry Ramblers
  2. Jolie Fille by The Hackberry Ramblers
  3. Le Response De Blues de Bosco by Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  4. Ta Oublis De Vernier by Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  5. Chere Te Te by J.B. Fuselier & His Merrymakers
  6. Crap Shooter's Hop by Joe Werner & The Ramblers
  7. She's My Flapper She's My Baby by Joe Werner & The Ramblers
  8. La Two Step A Erby by Thibodeaux Boys
  9. Tu Pen Pas Ma Retter De Revere by Thibodeaux Boys
  10. Lake Charles Waltz by The Four Aces
  11. II y a Pas La Claire De Lune by Joe's Acadians
  12. Tu Peus Pas Me Fair Ce by Alley Boys Of Abbeville
  13. Gran Prairie by Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  14. La Veuve De La Coulee by Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  15. Lake Charles Shuffle by Harry Choates With Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  16. Les Tete Fille Lafayette by Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  17. The Old Ice Man by Happy Fats & Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  18. Jole Blon by Harry Choates
  19. Hackberry Hop by Harry Choates & His Melody Boys
  20. Poor Hobo by Harry Choates & His Melody Boys
  21. Nobody Cares for Me by Buddy Duhon & Harry Choates
  22. Old Cow Blues by Buddy Duhon & Harry Choates
  23. Evangeline Special by Iry LeJeune
  24. You Just Wait and See by Chuck Guillory & His Rhythm Boys
  25. Lacassine Special by Iry LeJeune
  26. Orphan Waltz by Floyd LeBlanc
  27. Wondering by Jimmy C. Newman
Disc 4
  1. Jolie Blon's Gone by Harry Choates
  2. Big Texas #2 by Papa Cairo
  3. Pine Grove Blues by Nathan Abshire
  4. Bon Ton Rula by Clarence Garlow
  5. Gra Mamou by Harry (Jole Blon) Choates
  6. Jambalaya Boogie by Eddie Shuler' All Star Reveelier
  7. Louisiana Boogie by Harry (Jole Blon) Choates
  8. Mamou Two Step by Lawrence Walker
  9. H-A-D-A-C-O-L by Al Terry
  10. Fille De La Ville by Vin Bruce
  11. Korea Blues by Horace LeBleau & Bar-X Ramblers
  12. Big Mamou by Link Davis
  13. Dans La Louisianne by Vin Bruce
  14. Jolie Brun by Shuk Richard & The Louisiana Aces
  15. Cry Cry Darling by Jimmy C. Newman
  16. Lafayette Two Step by Lawrence Walker & Wandering Aces
  17. La Nos A' Rosalia by Marion Marcotte & His Cajuns
  18. Port Arthur Boogie by Pal Thibodeaux
  19. Along the Bayou by Cliff Le Maire & His Melody Boys
  20. Louisiana Stomp by Floyd LeBlanc
  21. Jole Fille by Gene Rodrigue With The Bayou Boys
  22. Why Did You Let Me Love You by Jack Wyatt With The Bayou Boys
  23. Diggy Liggy Lo by Jimmy C. Newman
  24. Cajun Love by Link Davis
  25. Kajalena by Link Davis
  26. Crying Pine Grove Blues by Nathan Abshire
  27. Country Boy's Dream by Red Smith With The Bayou Boys
  28. Jambalaya by Moon Mullican

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