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Munky B

This song is by Cage9 and appears on the album Human Feedback (2000).

"Munky B
Momma sed that this was a nice day
(But still you found a reason to decay)
Momma sed that this was a fine day
(Looking blue - tell me are you okay?)
Momma told me to be a good boy
(Till I found a reason to destroy.)
You told me that life hurts a whole lot
(Little pills cannot kill what you got.)

Why? Why? Why? How can you Lie? Lie? Lie?
Who are you?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fri.
(Day is night and night is our play time.)
Saturday, Sunday Kneel and you'll be fine
(Don't you know that living is a crime?)
I didn't know sir, I didn't know sir
Thank u, thank you for bringing this to my attention sir

Why? Why? Why? ARE YOU So High? High? High?

Sweetie pie

You Are so fly
Don't multiply
No Greeving, 'cause you're leaving
I cannot lie

...What I got to give to you is gonna make you want to bugaloo
I'll make you wiggle like
A wiggly worm 'cause you deserve to wiggle and squirm and
Life's too short to be stuck in hole
So bust in to your funkiest stroll now take your body and shake
It around and do the dog on the ground...
And if ah can't make you dance I guess
I'll just have to make you piss your pants!

How do you do it, you do it, you do it some more.
You take what I thought was right and throw it on the floor.

Why? Why? Why? Are you SO High, High, High?

Sweetie pie

You are so fly
Like Airsupply
No greeving, 'cause you're leaving
Dog smile so deceiving
You're leaving nose bleeding
I cannot lie lie lie
I ask you why why why
Still somehow I I I
Think you're so high high high"

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