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Guiltless Glider

This song is by Cactus and appears on the album Restrictions (1971).

Guiltless Glider, freedom fighter,
More than had in love's tracks.
You want something?
You need something.
Well I have something,
And you can share with me.

It's in your memory. Close your eyes and let the pulse flow.
Don't you close them so quickly as you learn to be on something.
All the good thoughts weren't so easy.
Let me say that I will love you till I die.

Oh, till I die.
Till I die.

The sky is my father, ocean my mother.
The trees are my sister, forrest my brother.


I can't get over the feeling of love.
I'll never get over the feeling of your love.
It's got a hold on me. A firm and steady hold on me.
And I will love you till I die.
I will love you till I die.
I will love you till I die.

Guiltless Glider.
Guiltless Glider.

You want something.
You need something.


Written by:

Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Rusty Day and Jim McCarty

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