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Phone Call

This song is by C-Murder and appears on the album Bossalinie (1999).

(Payphone door closes)
(Phone rings)
C-Murder: Hello
Jim Shoe Loco: Hey!Is this C-Murder
Jim Shoe Loco:the No Limit guy... C-Murder
C-Murder: man who da fuck this is?
Jim Shoe Loco: hey its Jim Shoe Loco
C-Murder: Nigga it 5 mu fuckin' thirty in the morn... How you got my fuckin' number anyway
Jim Shoe Loco: yo I stole it from your girlfriend
C-Murder: dogg don't ever fuckin' call me with this bullshit!
Jim Shoe Loco: what a minute
C-Murder: what
Jim Shoe Loco: mait a minute wait a minute... don't act like that... don't do dat... I just want you to listen to my demo
C-Murder: nigga when I see you... ima kill you ya sister ya auntie... ya dog... and pull the roses out cha house... bitch don't call me with this shit foo'(hangs up phone)
Jim Shoe Loco:listen I don't wanna die... AWWWW DAMN!

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