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Still Ridin'

This song is by C-Bo.

(Feat. Captain Save'm)

Still Ridin'
For my Nigga 2pac
Aka Makaveli

I won't deny it
I'm still Ridin'
For My Nigga Makeveli
Got all my niggas with me
Straight West Coast mutherfuckin' G's

I rock the rolo back ended down
I broke it low, you wet it down
When I rip up in a bulletproof 600
Niggas I just have to turn it down
I came for the chips
Don't worry I'll rain with a hollow tip
I drop the game with the kicks
And run the soul train line on you bitch
I got the
Game with this I make the 56th sense
And trick
It's gon' take more than a motherfucker playing up with this
And if you ain't buying you dying
Hollow tips flying make you deceased
I'll ride on you bitch ass niggas who won't let Makeveli Rest In Peace [echo]

When a guy gets dug deep
Gon' scrub that ass like Rub deep
Gets no love for me, so I took your 100G's but was scared to plug me
You've been bitin since Wetcoast Bad Boys
Now you're bitin Makeveli
With his name and game, you get the fame and chain
Tell me what's next
It seems funny not even Cash Money fuck wit you dummy's
Came out the closet like Mummy's
Bitin' everything in sight, still you're hungry
They say you boys let Pac live
Soon as it drop you copy his spirit
Feel the rippled in the water nigga
That's more than 5 a note
That's what I'm ridin' for!

(Captain Save'm)
I don't know what the fuck y'all thought
Or the fuck y'all was thinkin'
I just got my cap red and blue
Didn't know which way I was bangin'
It's Captian Save'm ho nigga
Think about it
I've been fuckin' with Master P 'fore he was 'bout it 'bout it
You ol crickle ass niggas
I won't let it
I know you got your foot in the door motherfucker, but I'm gon' shut it
Talkin' 'bout you's the shit
How you some big ol' figure
I've been fuckin' with E-40
Before he was federal nigga
Got Major ho's (Major)
Major Loot (Major)
I know you spent 200G's on your video
But you still ain't recouped
Mad at me 'cause I'm out here doin' my thug things see
I told you if you gon' be a baller it ain't gon' be easy
Learn the game before you get disrespect again
I'm talkin' to that East Coast ass nigga Memphis Bleek (motherfucker)
Already stolen grounds, on the radio station talkin' shit slidin'
I'm gon' do it for my nigga Charlie Hustle 'cause I'm West Side Ridin'!

(Hook: To Fade)

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