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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Dream Big by Sonny James
  2. Loving Is a Way of Giving by Steve Lawrence
  3. Make Room for the Joy by Jack Jones
  4. Paradise Island by The Four Aces
  5. Moon Man by Gloria Lambert
  6. The Hangman by John Ashley
  7. The Net by John Ashley
  8. With Open Arms by Jane Morgan
  9. Faker, Faker by The Eligibles
  10. In Times like These by Gene McDaniels
  11. A Girl like You by Larry Hall
  12. Your Lips Are Warmer than Your Heart by Rosemary June
  13. Two Hour Honeymoon by Paul Hampton
  14. Creams by Paul Hampton
  15. You're Only Young Once (Yeh Yeh Yeh) by The Avons
  16. Close by Keely Smith
  17. Long ago Last Summer by Diana Trask
  18. Boys Were Made for Girls by Everit Herter
  19. I Could Make You Mine by The Wanderers
  20. Joanie's Forever by Buddy Clinton
  21. Three Wheels on My Wagon by Dick Van Dyke
  22. And This Is Mine by Connie Stevens
  23. Moon Guitar by The Rangoons
  24. Love in a Goldfish Bowl by Tommy Sands
  25. I Wake up Crying by Chuck Jackson
  26. The Answer to Everything by Del Shannon
  27. Deeply by The Shepherd Sisters
  28. Tower of Strength by Gloria Lynne
  29. You're Following Me by Perry Como (featuring The Ray Charles Singers)
  30. The Breaking Point by Chuck Jackson
  31. The Miracle of St. Marie by Four Coins
  32. Somebody Else's Sweetheart by The Wanderers
  33. Baby It's You by The Shirelles

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