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Bongo And His Baboon Drum

This song is by Burl Ives and appears on the album Capt. Burl Ives' Ark (1958).

Poor little bongo!
Bongo lost his drum.

Bongo lived in the Belgian Congo.
Bongo lived near the yellow sun.
Bongo beat on a bamboo drum.
The bamboo drum went rum tum tum!

Monkeys tangoed through the treetops.
Lions leaped in the yellow sun.
Elephants danced among the plants.
When the bamboo drum went rum tum tum

Life was grand in the Belgian Congo.
Life was gay and full of fun.
Till one day in the month of may,
A big baboon ate bongo's drum!

Poor little bongo
Pity little bongo
Bongo lost his drum!

Bongo wept and bongo cried.
Cried because he lost his drum.
Elephants, lions, and monkeys said "Big baboon what have you done"
Big baboon then hung his head "I eat bongo's drum" He said
"But tell bongo not to cry, I will be his drum instead"

Bongo laughed and jumped for joy
Bongo beat a merry tune,
Beat a tune on the big baboon
The big baboon went boom boom boom!

Happy little bongo.
Lucky little bongo.
Bongo found his drum!

Monkeys tangoed thought the treetops.
Lions leaped beneath the moon.
Elephants danced among the plants.
When the big baboon goes boom boom boom.

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