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New Orleans Stop Time

This song is by Bumble Bee Slim and Memphis Minnie and appears…


Say, Bumblebee,
Boy, where you been so long?
You didn't forgot that New Orleans stop-time, did you?
No, not at all
I want to see you do some of it
Okay Minnie
You don't mind, do you?
Not at all
Well, all right then, let's go

That's what you're talking 'bout?
Look at old Bumpy, ain't he super?

You know what I'd like to see you do?
What's that, man?
That old "snake hip", look like your bones break in two
Come on, give it to me now
All right

Ooh, look at that man, look like his bones break in two
How you like that, Minnie? That's new

Say Minnie,
What Bumblebee?
Don't you know, you used to go dance too?
Well, I can do a little bit now
Can you?
Well, how about a little break there, yeah?
What you want me to do?
I want you to do those "Shim-sham-shimmies"
Yeah, mix it up though, like you used to do
Well, all right
Okay, let's see you do it

How you like that?
That's tearing 'em up, Minnie
I do believe I'm adding a little new stuff, Minnie
Colo-red, look at Minnie
Look at that, my God almighty

Yeah, everybody get some of it now
Everybody dance
Well, all right then
Yeah, look at that

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