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Big Ten-Inch Record / I Needed You (1952)

Bull Moose Jackson - Big Ten-Inch Record - I Needed You

Big Ten-Inch Record / I Needed You

  1. Big Ten Inch Record
  2. I Needed You

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Other Songs

  1. Fare Thee Well, Deacon Jones
  2. I Know Who Threw The Whiskey (In The Well)
  3. I Love You, Yes I Do

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1919, d.1989
  • Occupation: singer, saxophonist
  • Instruments: vocals, saxophone

Real name:

Bull Moose Jackson is a performance name for Benjamin Clarence Jackson.

Also known as:

Bull Moose Jackson And His OrchestraBullmoose Jackson & His Buffalo Bearcats

Years active:


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