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The Panama Limited

This song is by Bukka White and appears on the compilation album Aberdeen Mississippi Blues: The Vintage Recordings 1930-1940 (2003) and on the compilation The Return of the Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (2012).

It's this old soul, you know, time she left Chicago, you know, old soul taken down with the flu, you know. When she's taken down with the flu, you know, the ______ and the Chief come 'round that morning, they're going to put out, you know. When they got there the old soul was gettin' up, you know, singin' and cryin', you know.

I ain't got nobody take me to this train

I know you ain't, old soul, I feel sorry for her. A'ter while, you know, she seen the (?????) gonna put out, she retched (reached) and got her two little grandchildren, you know, and she got up on the street, you know. The water begin to settle in old soul's eyes she commenced to cryin' and then singin', you know

Fare you well if I don't see you no more
Lord, lord, lord, lord

Then old soul, you know, went on down to the Union Station, you know. She asked the depot man what time it 'twas. She heard 8:30 freight blowin' but she was gon' catch that fast Panama Limited, you know. She kinda blowed a little diff'ent, though

After she heard this freight, you know, she asked the man again what time it 'twas. He told her go lay her head on the rail line and she hear that rail poppin', train time wasn't long. Old soul stooped down she heard the rail poppin', you know, and she got up singin', you know

I'm a motherless child I'm a long way from my home

Don't moan it so loud, (Aunt Haggie). So when old soul, you know, began to moan, you know, she heard this here train comin' in there holl'in, you know. After the holl'in, you know, she heard the bell blowin', after the bell blowin' she heard her when she cut down


When her headed ____ you know heard the train cut down, you know, the old soul got happy, y'know, she commenced to singin', y'know

The train I ride, it don't burn no coal

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