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Sic 'Em Dogs On

This song is by Bukka White and appears on the compilation album Aberdeen Mississippi Blues: The Vintage Recordings 1930-1940 (2003).

Says, "I'm goin' downtown and tell the Chief poli' you siccin' your dogs on me"

She went to runnin', runnin' and cryin'
She said, "Listen, son, I ain't gonna do it no more, I ain't gonna do it no more"

"You done got my money, now you tryin' to sic your dog on me"

"That's all right there, girl, how you do men, you gon' cheat again"

"I'm gonna tell the Chief you suc your dog on me, told me you didn't want me around"

"Oh, Mister Chief, she done got my money now, siccin' her dog on me"

She went to running and crying, says
"Sic 'em, Butcher, 'cause Spider, he won't bite"

"If you take me back, I won't do it no more, baby, don't sic your dogs on me"

She said, "Listen, daddy, don't you drive me, don't you drive me around"

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