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New Frisco Train

This song is by Bukka White and appears on the compilation album Aberdeen Mississippi Blues: The Vintage Recordings 1930-1940 (2003) and on the compilation Lonesome Whistle: An Anthology of American Railroad Song (2012).

Hey, the Frisco train, done stole my gal and gone

White speaks:
I told you he's gon' do that boy, ain't nothin' to these Mississippi guys

Hey, tell me woman, do you love your man?

White speaks:
No, they don't love your man, boy.

Hey, it's train time here, and I ain't got my free ride

White speaks:
Pull it, boy, pull it!

Hey, thought I heard, them lovin' whistle ring.

3rd voice speaks
Breeze along, boy, breeze along, going to Vicksburg in the cool of the evenin'!

Hairiston speaks
Hush, hush, I thought I heard 'em now.

White speaks:
That's them ringin' boy, good God almighty.
Ooh, listen at that bell, good God, makes me think about Itta Bena,
Get your shoes, boy, and let's go,
Uh, let's catch it in the bend, we can't catch it at the corner,
Goin' in Alabama, now, and I know it.

Whoa, leave here walkin', chances I may ride

White speaks:
I know I'm gon' ride, boy, I know if I can't catch it on the cross, I'm gon' catch it in the bend,
I'm goin' to Georgia, too, boy

Hey, I thought I heard that lovin' whistle blow

White speaks:
That was it blowin', boy


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