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Mississippi Blues (1963)

Bukka White - Mississippi Blues

Mississippi Blues

  1. Aberdeen Mississippi Blues
  2. Baby Please Don't Go
  3. New Orleans Streamline
  4. Parchman Farm Blues
  5. Poor Boy Long Way From Home
  6. Rememberence of Charlie Patton
  7. Shake 'Em on Down
  8. I Am in a Heavenly Way
  9. Atlanta Special
  10. Drunk Man's Blues
  11. Army Blues
  12. World Boogie
  13. Midnight Blue
  14. Old Man Walking Blues

At Home With Friends (1972)

Furry Lewis and Bukka White - At Home With Friends

At Home With Friends

  1. Please, Ma'm
  2. Little Woman's Bed
  3. Hambone Blues
  4. Bukka's Goodtime Swing
  5. Grey-Haired Woman
  6. Hello, Central, Give Me 49

Aberdeen Mississippi Blues: The Vintage Recordings 1930-1940 (2003)

Bukka White - Aberdeen Mississippi Blues- The Vintage Recordings 1930-1940

Aberdeen Mississippi Blues: The Vintage Recordings 1930-1940

  1. The New Frisco Train
  2. The Panama Limited
  3. I Am in the Heavenly Way
  4. The Promise True and Grand
  5. Pinebluff Arkansas
  6. Shake 'Em on Down
  7. Sic 'Em Dogs On
  8. Po' Boy
  9. Black Train Blues
  10. Strange Place Blues
  11. When Can I Change My Clothes
  12. Sleepy Man Blues
  13. Parchman Farm Blues
  14. Good Gin Blues
  15. High Fever Blues
  16. District Attorney Blues
  17. Fixin' to Die Blues
  18. Aberdeen Mississippi Blues
  19. Bukka's Jitterbug Swing
  20. Special Stream Line

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1909, d.1977
  • Occupation: Singer, guitarist, songwriter
  • Instruments: Vocals, steel guitar, fiddle, piano

Real name:

Bukka White is a performance name for Booker T. Washington White.

Also known as:

Booker T. Washington WhiteBooker T. WhiteWashington White

Years active:


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