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Tribal War

This song is by Buju Banton and appears on the album Voice Of Jamaica (1993).

Rude boys, be wise.
War mongers...
Cool down with all the war and strife
Oneness. Unity.
Take heed!

[Throughout the song:
Tribal war
We don't want no more of that
Tell them like it is
Tribal war
I know that be a debase
Tell them like it is]

Honour you, we a trod
You get that?
Cry tears! Why?
Remove the blindfold
Primitive days end
We have done it already and
We won't do it again
Just to hurt your own brother
And your life was spent
Turning the wheels of evil
Put an end to the trend
What is done cannot be undone
Amen, Amen
Blood a run, mother dying
Starving children
What you say when me out star
When me leave gate,
Some a bawl, some a holler,
For me nah kill dem
Because of tribal war
See the fifty-fifty dem
War and oppression
Tear can't reach dem
What's the solution for the matter
All war have fi end

Remember that
Buju Banton say so
Hear dat
(Tell them like it is)

Why can't we say peace?
And no bother wit de war?
Too much blood a run
We can't take it none at all
Politicians, showing dominion,
No form an example fi the people cope on
Influencing the youth
With money and dem weapon
Why so greedy and blind to the situation
On election there comes politics fiction
And man a rival, and I see it's tribal

See a come, see a holla
It like a cannonball
Our voice of the earth throughout the dancehall
And we must educate the youth, tell them truth
Stop fight and loot, it cause too much dispute
So much things to say, let's celebrate today
I tell you this, watch this, have mercy
Election or not, we no haffi fire shot
Cause remember that the most of us colour is black
Like sardine pon the slave ship the whole of we did pack
And till the whole of we end up on Jamrock
You better promote life and demote death
Yuh can't big up the killing and yuh can't blow breath
Honour these words and no disrespect,
Cause anything you work for man a that you goin' get

(Tribal war...)
Man say put it to a pause until your ready to fight for a cause
That's not needed my friend
Put that to an end
Let love abide
(Tell them like it is)

Say from the day that me born, me never see me need for strike
If me need to do that man it with my voice
So mash up the gun and dash up the bomb and dance through the night
Full time now we start to unite
Cause this is something that we must practice
Fight for equal rights and justice
Right now we need to try set some new trend
Cause the tribalism it must come to an end
Take heed my brother, take heed
Don't follow that greed
Fight for your wants and fight for your need
And remember to sow good seed
'Cause what you sow is that you reap

A no bother set up whole leap a fire pon ya head, hear sah
Tell them like it is
Tell them like it is
Tell them like it is

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