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Connect The Spdiff

This song is by Buggsy Number 1 and appears on the album The Great Escape (2011).

You don't get an invitation
Your not in the loop
Brimstone up in the house like property booth
'Cause I'm mind boggilin' boo
Bringin' the bottle of brew
I do the magic like
Biggle dee boggle dee boo
You heard a lot of shit about me and its probably true
So get it all off your chest
When I'm not in the room
I'm not in the mood for school boys up in the jam
Who wanna throw the toys outa the pram
Yo we got late nights
Fuck fisher price
Better be tonka
Catch a hundred hands slap like I'm eve under
Pussy delboy don't hussle
You're a city plonka
Searching for the golden ticket and I'm willy wonka
When I flip it on ya
I'll be beyond your expectations
Simply putting pen to papers a cause for celebration
You ain't quick on the draw
You draw with hesitation
When I draw I call it split second illustration
Hit it quick like graffiti in the train station
Or younga youths making music on a playstation
Listen, my position with the skin is painstakin'
The butcher with the bloodstained apron.

Connect the Spdiff, Roll the splidiff
Puff Puff hit it ('yo pass me that ting man)
Connect the Spdiff, Roll the splidiff
('Hey yo whatdup') go skill it (?)
Bless bruv, kick another lyric

Well figure the riddle of lyrical sylables hitting you hard,
Smacking the bitch up until he's sparred
Up in the stars like he was born on mars
In flows the nicest scene (?), an priceless rated, highest graded,
Farmer's about to take it back again, he's lost the chain and bracelet
I'll Bigale de Boggle de boo crews and let the youth choose
On youtube, and nobody gives a fuck about how many views
I'll never be anything but the way that I want so,
Your walking around, the talk of the town, but fuck it you ain't got so/soap (?)
I always flipped the shit and twisted it, distorted it,
Contorted it, and fucked it up so bad that they imported it.
You wanna be higher but can't fly you got the vertigo,
They say that I'm mad and I'll be happy when the world'll know
Well this is music from the corner let me hear aho
And this is why in our business can I get ta yo.
The beats is pure as billy brimstone brings the rockers from the 90s to the future we be rockin' mother fucker.

Connect the Spdiff, Roll the splidiff
Puff Puff hit it (wassat you got there man isa key?)
Connect the Spdiff, Roll the splidiff
('Hey yo whatdup') go skill it (?)
Bless bruv, kick another lyric

It's like ag a gag a gag agag ag
You let me flip it
Switch it around a bit, renounded to rip down a crown,
If it's new to you don't be fridgid,
Tongue twistin' flow for roll out your mix
If you're done spitting flows for bros who talk shiznit
Buggsy, original barsman (I have no idea what's being said here)
This guy was like "breath, please!"
Listen fast then you won't miss it,
Let me slow it down, disaster, misfits,
?Claim on a row or a road that your known and yo homes an I miss this,
Ridiculous, came off the boat took a photo and it was all twisted?

This is the most I could catch of Buggsys verse.

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