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Cock Robin

This song is by Buell Kazee and appears on the album Buell Kazee Sings and Plays (1958).

Who killed cock robin? Who killed cock robin?
"I," said the sparrow, "With my little bow and arrow
And it's I who killed cock robin"

Who saw him die? Who saw him die?
"I," said the fly, "With my little glass eye
And it's I who saw him die"

Who made his shroud? Who made his shroud?
"I," said the eagle, "With my little sewing needle
And it's I who made his shroud"

Who made his coffin? Who made his coffin?
"I," said the snipe, With my little jack-knife
And it's I who made his coffin"

Who preached his funeral? Who preached his funeral?
"I," said the swallow, "Just as loud as I could holler
And it's I who preached his funeral"

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