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What Might Have Been

This song is by Buck McCoy and appears on the album Top Dog (2007).

Verse: I missed the lottery by just one number and lost the big game in overtime Came close to marrying a famous actress, at the last moment she declined Was about to sign a major record deal, when my connection he got fired Chorus: There's a little bit of contradiction, is my life fact or fiction There's always some kinda situation I get in. Tryin' hard to better my position Might have better luck goin' fishin', for now it's all about dreams and wishin'
What should have been, would have been, could have been
What might have been
Verse: I was booked to play the Grand Ole Opry but that same night the place went dark Had the Olympic torch to set afire, it rained and I couldn't get a spark Even got a shot on Jeopardy, the week Ken Jennings got his start. Repeat Chorus/Bridge: They say that timing is everything, my life could use a nip and tuck can't seem to get both of my feet in step now, my life's been hit by a Mac truck.
Solo to: Wish I could finally end this spell I'm under for now I'm
Stuck in the quicksand and Repeat Chorus. What should have been, would have been, could have been, my faith's not shakin', what should have been, would have been, could have been my minds not breakin' what should have been, would have
Been, could have been, what might have been Spoken: Hey listen up guys, I'm thinkin'of goin' to Vegas, anybody want to come along? No, what do you mean no? Hey I'll drive

(Crash) all right maybe I won't drive.


Written by:

Larry Weir

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