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Riverbed 5

This song is by Buck 65 and appears on the album Talkin' Honky Blues (2003).

My dear so and so is very far away
A stone in your stomach is no way to start the day
I pray to the waves and utter my wishes
I'd rather have spirals and butterfly kisses
Her wings for a morning, to swim in her breeze
To walk across deserts with similar ease
I'd surrender my fortune and burn the last chapter
Swallow the future and deal with the past after
Ache is inside me and burns for her edges
It lingers, I long for her lips and her fingers
Her voice on my skin, the hush of her lullaby
My blood starts to rush and shooting stars multiply
Bottomless kisses, I want to unfold her
Sleep tangled up with her head on my shoulder
She holds my breath, I swallow her fire
The slower she goes, I'll follow her higher
We navigate each other's lengths, we parachute and waterfall
We hold ourselves open and restrain ourselves not at all
I torture myself with runaway intentions, no sound
No light, time starts to slow down
The storm washes me over, she takes me apart
She masters my body and breaks my heart
I cover the clocks and try to remember
To forget, to forgive, to forsake and to forfeit

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