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Secret Garden

This song is by Bruce Springsteen and appears…

This song has been covered by Tom Cochrane and Damhnait Doyle under the title "Secret Garden".
This song is featured in the television series Cold Case.
This song is featured in the movie Jerry Maguire (1996).
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Secret Garden
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She'll let you in her house
If you come knockin' late at night
She'll let you in her mouth
If the words you say are right

If you pay the price
She'll let you deep inside
But there's a secret garden she hides

She'll let you in her car
To go drivin' round
She'll let you into the parts of herself
That'll bring you down

She'll let you in her heart
If you got a hammer and a vise
But into her secret garden, don't think twice

You've gone a million miles
How far'd you get
To that place where you can't remember
And you can't forget

She'll lead you down the path
There'll be tenderness in the air
She'll let you come just far enough
So you know she's really there

Then she'll look at you and smile
And her eyes will say
She's got a secret garden

Where everything you want
Where everything you need
Will always stay
A million miles away


Written by:

Bruce Springsteen

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