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My Best Was Never Good Enough

This song is by Bruce Springsteen and appears on the album Ghost Of Tom Joad (1995).

Every cloud has a silver lining, every dog has his day
She said now don't say nothing
If you don't have something nice to say
The tough now they get going when the going gets tough
But for you my best was never good enough
Now don't try for a home run baby
If you can get the job done with a hit
Remember a quitter never wins
And a winner never quits
The sun don't shine on a sleepin' dogs ass
And all the rest of that stuff
But for you my best was never good enough
If God gives you nothin' but lemons then you make some lemonade
The early bird catches the fuckin' worm
Rome wasn't built in a day
Now life's like a box of chocolatesyou never know what you're going to get
Stupid is as stupid does and the rest of that shit
Come on pretty baby call my bluff
'Cause for you my best was never good enough

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