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Countdown (Interlude)

This song is by 브라운 아이드 걸스 and appears on the album Sixth Sense (2011).

And now
Introducing, truly amazing, crazy, show
All that you wanted, never, never, never seen there
True, true, true, truly stunning show
We are Brown Eyed Girls

Brownd Eyed, brand new
(Listen to this song when you're down down down bebe?
This is so brand new, and it's gonna take you to another level)
Brownd Eyed, brought up
(One and only, only, one and only one)

여기, 저기, 내 이름을 불러봐
애달픈 기다림 더는 no more no more no more
Brown eyed, count down
긴 시간은 날 미치게 했어
(Brown eyed, count down
긴 시간은 날 미치게 했어)
바랬었던 그대로 원한 모습 그대로

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