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Agent Double 0 Duece 4 Blocc & CPT (Rest in Piss 2006)

This song is by Brotha Lynch Hung and MC Eiht and appears on the album The New Season (2006).

Real official
Wanna Gang (Wanna Gang, nigga)
My nigga Lynch
Kiccin' bacc at my nigga Big Hollis studio
Blowin' on sum shit sit your head fuccin right
For all you gangsta niggaz y'all stand up for the classic life
Got your nigga Eiht hype Lynch chu

MC Ehit
I was creepin' on the come up call me gangsta bones
Old school in the hood witta big bricc phone
And I got a hoodrat jones pocket full of stones
Me and Lynch in the hood man slappin' bones
Best lower the tone hood got me gone
Shush nigga for the 4-5 get shown
I represent it to the max but no A-Wax
Real strap on when you see us
Yeah I bang on tracc's
I'm ready for combat and I speak the truth
Down the line of boulvard sign out the roof (What up brotha)
Livin' proof homeboy it's Compton City old school Lo-Lo's bumpin' Doo-Wah-Ditty
Blocca blocca 1-5-9 in Garden Blocca like Al Capone meetin' the fuccin shocka
My momma said knocc you out
My nigga said take is ass in the bacc and shoot his ass in the mouth Chu

Bacc is that Agent Double O Duece 4 Blocc and CPT
Team'd up we show stop 'cause (X4)

Brotha Lynch Hung
My aim is all massarce but I ain't no Michael Bay
In the Bacc witta A-K Eiht in the front ready to spray
Betta get out the way I'm sicca than Siccmade
Got niggaz that get your shit spray'd
I stay out the way I'm gangsta way out the way somebody else gunn bank y'all
Ain't the nigga to be fuccin' wit I got cash flow
Somebody you never seen before leave your ass up in a big ass hole
SouthSide till I die already dead already fed lecuts all up in his head
Leavin' him dead puddle of red
So nigga what's handlin'
I'll cut you when it comes to this game shit
I flame shit niggaz be spittin' that same shit
That's the only thang I switch I don't never sticc to the same script
Hellah years done past and the niggaz be toldin the same clip
The West is bacc like popin' and breakin' and cuttin'
We comin' bacc like takin' and rapin' and fuccin'
We in the blacc night dumpin' and shaccin' or sumthin'
Me and Eiht aight nigga it was great it was nothin'

Bacc is that Agent Double O Duece 4 Blocc and CPT
Team'd up we show stop 'cause (X4)

Brotha Lynch Hung
I'm WestCoast ridah suicide d-e-a-t-h provider I could
Run up in your spot wit five guns and fryer
Leave you screamin' like Mariah
Me and Eiht leavin'em tied up in the bacc room shit
Brotha Lynch be shittin without no bathroom
I'm sicca than sicc wit clips and shit
Hawk luges at chu ????? quick
Fuccin them niggaz wit vicious dicc like my nigga Sixty-Six
6 in tha morin' police at my door
Me I'm right in the bacc witta strap and sacc so watch your bacc ('cause)

Bacc is that Agent Double O Duece 4 Blocc and CPT
Team'd up we show stop 'cause (X8)

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