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This song is by Brotha Lynch Hung and appears on the album The Plague (2002).

I woke up early in the mornin
Still yawnin
Hit the skiit and its on then
I walk my ass out to my car
Bout to hit the bar
But I didn't get far
(Why not)
I seen a nigga that I don't like
'Cause he was fucking with me last night
What I'm bout to do is bust a u-ie 'cause I'm wet
Roll up on his bitch ass and blast him with my tech
And keep rollin'
Take ecstasy I'm still rollin'
I got to the bar and I go in
Give me a double shot of hennessy
The nigga at the end of the bar mean muggin me
Seems I was sittin' next to his biatch
Now he gonna try and start some sheit. wrong nigga
Wrong time
Wrong state of mind
Now you gonna seem some slugs flyin mommas cryin
Niggas dien
Babies whining
Eclipse empty out 3 clips of funk up in the bar
Might as well take the money go to my car
And keep rollin'
I'm still rollin'
Mac ten tech nine mac 11 I don't know what one to choose
Ill spray you away
Bout to have a bad day
A nigga can't loose
Toke out
Smoked out
Hella wet think a nigga smoke some crack
Somebody please tell me when they started putting steering wheels in the back of Cadillacs
Substance got some niggas mothas seein how past lost
Do I wanna go kill these niggas
Or should I just kill and jack off
Decisions got me confused and now my minds torn
Either way I better make a move 'cause a nigga wanna be home for the Osborn's on my cellular bout to call a bitch but I'm hella geeked
Come to think about it my cell phones been disconnected since last week.
I done did it this time
I fucked around and went to far
I coulda swore I seen a motha fuckin' teletubby drivin' a cop car
Way past my limit
Ain't been fucked up like this in a minute
Went to the pack popped trunk there's a car seat with my baby still in it
Some days fucked
Out my way 'cause I'm havin' a bad year
Matter fact fuck this rap crew
Pass me a warm beer.
I drink liquor like a wino
Always smokin' dope
I pray I don't od og super loc
My pistol smoke like a Newport
I mean more to life than crow
Catch you in my ripped up trench coat man its cold and rainy
But I ain't even complain
Wanna see me release some anger
Ill bust a cap in your Ania'
Give yo momma some fat meat greezy
It's the strangest
I am dangerous i
M the big bad wolf l
Little red riding hood
I'm always up to no good
Nigga I kicks it my hood
Nigga where you at
Nigga where you at
I rolls with a chain gain
Bitch on the back of my Harley
While I change lanes
Sippin on a fifth of vodka mixed with antifreeze

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