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  1. Siccmade House (featuring First Degree The DE)
  2. My Soul To Keep (featuring Kokane)
  3. Die, 1 By 1
  4. One A Da Las Sicc Niggaz
  5. Situation (featuring E-40 and Twamp Dog)
  6. Heataz (featuring First Degree The DE, P-Folk and Polo)
  7. Did It And Did It (featuring D-Dubb and Phonk Beta)
  8. Went Way (featuring Tallcan)
  9. Thatz What I Said (featuring D-Dubb and Loki)
  10. Feel My Nature Rize (featuring Swartzaniggaz)
  11. One Mo Pound (featuring D-Dubb)
  12. On My Brief Case (featuring Phonk Beta and Zigg Zagg)
  13. Secondz Away (featuring First Degree The DE and Ice-T)
  14. Bonus Trackz

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