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In The Beginning

This song is by Brotha Lynch Hung.

In the beginning
There was darkness
And then came the light
And everybody was happy
Then came the plague
And the siccness and the doom followed
Then everybody died [Verse 1]
Funny funny,
Dog for the money money
Grab y'all to the tummy dummy
Some of you listen I'm stable
It's nothin'
Like bein in a cell with
Doom niggaz
See a spell
WWW make a motherfucka
Real niggaz we bout techs
Hit you in the neck
Real gettas we buy guns
When the shit get funkadelic
Bound to hit you wit the ?? gun
Shots to the abdomen
Death becomes ??? [Verse 2]
We tore this
Northtown savage
And I'm all about my cabbage I pierce my dick
And I'm quick to tell some shit about hoes and automatics I'm equipped with a clique of rhymes I'm equipped with a clique of bitches I'm equipped with a clique of slugs
Fo sho' to sink you with the quickness [Verse 3]
Through the streets of south
Find me a simple minded bitch
And I lick my lips and then I'm out
Playboy 7,
Vegas homes
Soon as I go I'm bout to say get 'em [Verse 4]
The shit that got me hot
Now I got my glock
And I got it cocked
So I'm a let it pop
Like pop goes the weasel
Motherfuck your
Volvo horsepower
Nigga you fuckin' with a diesel
That'll destroy your head up
In your darkest hour 'cause nigga I'm a killa
Better known to your baby mama as the rapist
When I raise the people's hand and eyebrow
Watch real life embraces
So I put the smackdown
On your candy ass
And if you scared to get 'em up motherfucker
We still gone blast [Verse 5]
Here's a lesson in demonology I'm darin my enemies to size out chronologically
Make no apology
Trust no other motherfuckers
Except my doom niggaz I crush
Any punk bitch niggaz
That wanna fuck with us
Known for croppin motherfuckers down to the bone
With a semi-automatic
Double-edged axe blade chrome
With an army like
We keep comin' no matter what
So fuck a punk bitch that try to do to us

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