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I Hate When Niggaz Get on the Phone When They Around Me (Skit)

This song is by Brotha Lynch Hung and appears on the album Dinner and a Movie (2010).

I hate when niggaz get on the phone when they around me
It ain't business shit
If it was business shit I could see what your saying
These niggaz get on the phone man, they make me feel alittle funny
Y'all know what I mean (x2)
You handled business when you get on the phone...

I hate when niggaz get on the phone when they around me
I really get paraniod get the 50 pound piece
Paper box in my soccs use it for ground beef
I know they plottin' so I don't go to town meetin's
They wanna hit me like Barry Bonds
They wanna get me in the baccseat and send me to my mom's
They wanna picc me up
They want the ambulance get me up
They think I don't know
I didn't sign up for this
Black Market got me in this twist and did a flip flop baccflip
But this is Crip hop that's it ('cause)
Just wipe your dicc off that's it
Yeah, just get your bitch off that's it
Just 'cause your shit's soft that's it
I like to get off gat spit
I like to spit raw rap shit
I might get shit on baccward
Taccin it out on the wrong niggaz yeah, and that hurts (ouch)
So I have to let the gat squirt then disappear and that works

Just before we get into the last song
Shouts out to Strange Music for puttin' me on
Y'all mean this weather out here is crazy (this crazy)

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