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This song is by Brotha Lynch Hung and appears on the album Coathanga Strangla (2011).

Nigga I see you,
Creepin' up in yo house,
Black mac in the backpack I caught ya sleepin' on the couch
I don't know why I did it
I'm blackin' out

Brotha Lynch:
Nigga I see you,
But you don't see me I'm leavin' up out ya house,
You was all tied up and watchin me dig out ya spouse,
First I'm a choke her out and fuck her while she's dead,
Ejaculatory on the face and then take off the head,
What am I bout to do wichu?,
First take off the legs,
Then I'm a pull out the lead and put it to ya head,
Then I'm a cut the nuts and put the spatula up ya butt,
Then I'm a cut the guts and make that recipe nigga nut,
You bout to have to give it up,
Then face it member that masked shit on my facebook,
Walkin' roun the house like jason lookin' for sum to cut,
I wanna eat sum guts,
And all this shit is happenin' 'cause I never have good luck,
And I run up in ya house gun up in ya mouth,
I don't really give a fuck I think I'm turnin' to a nut,
And if I have to do it fine, with me it's do or die,
Ain no getaway you can try with them black locs ova my eyes,

Brotha Lynch:
Nigga I see you!,
But you can't see me I swear to fuckin' gardennss,
24 blocc dem niggas know who da hardest-regardless,
I don't have to prove shit,
I just slit ya throat retarded,
I don't have to do shit,
Wait for the new shit who start it?
I'm a bout to end it I'm a givem a necklace,
My neck rips with a chainsaw,
Even ya brain drops,
Play me da game drop,
Gimme da ar-15,
My shits clean- brand spankin new,
Tummy achin- money makin',
Eatin 'em up in the mornin with eggs 'n' bacon,
They mistakin they don't wanna fuck,
With da sicko pyscho,
Get to faded- here goes michael spacin data,
I get high brick potatoes,
Ate tomatoes,
They go freako,
Ego 'n' legos nigga spit this shit like a volcano,
I'm a go way low givin' out them haloes,
Pay goes wat about them hagos?
Ayo givin' out them k-o's
Sent it to the house,
To they spouse,
Trippin' I'm out here krippin,
Fuckin' around get kreepin again.

Tech N9Ne:
I just found out they owe 800 thousand somethin',
So we funkin tecnina bout to get to dumpin,
Turn this lump into a pumpkin when they munchin at a luncheon,
We go thump to get it jumpin',
Then abolish all his loved ones,
Till the lump some comes in functions,
I just paid 65 thow out to get loose,
From the clutches of music,
Fuckas nothin' but a cookaracha,
You say I got to use a gun to stop ya?
Produce the knockas the block the stoppas like choopacobra,
You poppin' u's with a little agua,
No use of usin' ala acabala,
You got the few dollas that go to momma,
So what do you think that mean?
I'm a comin' to get that green,
Up in the crib and you ain't on the scene,
Cough it up befo I ring dat [gunshot]
He thinkin' I forgot about how he flew,
Away with all the pay and hoes from my people he too,
Gonna take a leap and seek you,
For all the evil shit yee do,
Ya skeet with cheese and cheat for greed,
The beast with me will freeze for me and you...

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