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This song is by Brotha Lynch Hung.

Verse 1 - Brotha Lynch Hung

I'll put your brains in the trash compactor, I'm actin' backwards
In the Cadillac I'm smacked with a light skin, I wanna be active
Backin' that ass up, askin' a..?..I snatch 'em I'm in the studio
Pay for the motel room you ho, who gon' know, we stay on the low
Twist a nigga like an Optimo, the block befo', high, just stop 'n' go
Ampm, Cheveron, Heat, maybe even Stop and Go
Shootin' eagles (?) like a hospital, possible murder mayhem
'Cause if you got an attitude to it why didn't you say dat
Man we coulda tussle like muscle, but madesicc of this
Split'cha rib, you killed a body then you gotta get rid of it quick
Season of uh put 'em in the oven, disappear like (?) flicks
Gimme two shovels and a dumptruck, that nigga spit shit so thick
Yeah, ay, that nigga spit poison it's like thistle tips
You can keep on tryin' to get with this it's that (?) shit

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