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Eating You

This song is by Brotha Lynch Hung and appears on the album Mannibalector (2013).

Okay, now that were here, I can finally tell you guys,
What I brought you here for
So, but first of all, cheers to Strange, toast, glass's up
All right, all right this is how it went

I saw her in the woods by herself I had a knife
Perfect opportunity to take another life
Unfortunately I'm fucking ya kids instead of your wife
She was 18 so she could make her own decisions
Sacramento born so she knew I prolly visit
What is it a blizzard? Nigga I'll cut her up with the scissors
Laid the skin out on the table able to stretch it
Picture a nigga bathing in blood and butt naked
I met her at the studio I put her my record
Told her I'd give her an ass cap if she turned that ass backwards
I lifted up the black skirt, stuck a N9ne in her
Pulled the trigger
Now she gone and you eating her for dinner
I never would have told y'all
But I love y'all niggas
Told her my tour bunk was right above y'all niggas
She really wanted to see y'all
But I met her first
She told me she had a ¡MAYDAY! CD in her purse
I told her I was a Strange artist she didn't believe me
I was starin' at the ¡MAYDAY! tattoo on her cleavage
She also had a Tech N9ne tat on her ass cheek vasoline

She say she just got it done last week
I said Techs to busy that's a long shot
See he in the north pole fuckin' a eskimo slut
He said the pussy was cold and the rest was all cock?
Felt like the pussy was dead kinda like a zombie
I gave her some of that Humboldt cookie bomb weed
She was higher than the space needle
I keep that shit almost everyplace we go
I statred cuttin' up the arms and the legs
And I had the bags in the passanger seat
And a blunt in the ashtray
Now I'm drivin' down the free way
Paranoid, hella wired and I was drivin' for 3 days
I almost dropped the body parts off at the truck stop
Hella tired

Like for 2 hours I sucked cock
I couldn't focus, eyes hella blurry, I can't stop
Goin' back to Cali ain't an option get caught by the cops
So I came to Kansas City just to talk to Trav
Y'all was on the next thing smokin' now we eatin meat
I'm on the news, did you see me on the I.D. channel
They got a story about me called bloody candles
They say I murdured hella people
And ate the bodies up
They had some 6 foot nigga play my body double FUCK

Ya man, I swear He even looked like you, I couldn't believe it
Yo, yo whatd you put in this food man, this shit is fuckin' awesome B
I swear to god man

We really glad to be sittin' at the breakin bread with the mannible of lector
And this animal flesh just a stab at the best and we expect no less from the gesture?

All right, and I seen her at the show at the day act up at the fuck we I
Morse Code tat with a flesh filled high and a pair of red socks No lie

This meal is fantastic, thanks for the invite Lynch
Cheers to Strange, too right, The Snake and Bats the shit

Well Tech is fuckin' the eskimos in the north pole
We bath saltin' in Miami where the whores snort blow

We been all up on your cannibal shit, the cannibals twist
And now we on some mannible shit, the mammals we gets
We damage with the top of our fist an ice pick
Swing hard just to dammed the clique Strange Music

Ay that's what's up, I need to ass filleted in this booth
And this meat a little too tough Brotha Lyncha mighta been ? overcooked

But back to the matter at hand I leave you damaged with fam
Which might cause concern
But at the end of the day its bros' before hoes'
They don't ever seem to learn right Bernz

Lets chew it, the girls came through it, got more then she bargained for
She had a body that was so damn thick the bowels could rip apart your jaw
Scars, hard, this broad playin' backyard
So it's a shame you chopped her up Lynch
But life is hard

And I'm not her bodyguard
Goddamn this steak is charred
Pass me the whisky please brotha
I need to ease the gods
But the demons clause
I scratch beneath the stars
And give 'em another reason to up in needin sacrafeastin large?

So we thank you Brotha Lynch Hung for this invitation
And we forgive you for the fan of ours you mutilated
And on behalf of all of us in ¡MAYDAY! heres our statement
Were down to roll with you no matter what the situation

So basically what I was tryin' to tell you guys
I mean I wanna know am I crazy,

No no no
For for eating human meat?

Wait, Wait? You were eating human meat right now?
Ya you guys ate human meat.
Tell me whatcha think

My stomach hutrs

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