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Drunken Style

This song is by Brotha Lynch Hung and appears on the album Blocc Movement (2001) by Brotha Lynch Hung and C-Bo.

Drunken Style Nigga (Drunken Style)
Give me your clothes
Give me your gold
Give me all the money you owe (right now)

Don't like to think so I drink heavy
Dam slugs out the Chevy livin' armed and deadly
I'm taking chunks from punks who want funk
Treat'em like .15's put'em in the trunk
I slip clean makin' sure all my shit clean
Then seem like a wolverine wit a gleam in sceam gangsta lean
Out the window hit your blocc corner everybody litted up
Runnin' them tires like tha Daytonya tuck you up it ain't nothin'
Pushin' buttons who wantto smoke them bustas
See I was a baby when I first got Sicc
Did the (??????????) and alcohol and 'bout fill there wall with syphills dick
Just my kicks tricks get chop out like a cold cut heat'em up
Rocked up like that cokesta I ain't no jokes or pranksta real gangsta
Shit from that nigga who brought you Season Of Da Sicc
Admit that was my tightest shit besides this don't get me wrong every songs is a hit
Guess who made this Phonk Beta while you suckas ain't paying right we stayin' tight
Pullin' openin' Ziplocks every night my momma neva fed me right
We was broke some I'm off that OE you know me I'm no mothafucka joke
When it comes to rippin' up shit ziplock bodybag toetag
I leave your t-shirt sweaty anyplace anytime you ready

Comin' soon you want to hear more buy my shit 2002

Song = Drunken Style

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