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  1. Working Late (Intro) (featuring Lauren Brinson and Tabitha McGlothin)
  2. The Coathanga (featuring COS)
  3. Mannibalector (featuring Crookwood and COS)
  4. Look What I Did (Skit) (featuring Devious)
  5. Look It's A Dead Body
  6. Sooner Or Later (featuring Mr Blap)
  7. Fucc Off Again (Skit)
  8. Suicide Watch (featuring Devious, Lauren Brinson, First Degree The DE and Don Rob)
  9. Spit It Out (featuring COS)
  10. Red Dead Bodies (featuring G-Macc)
  11. Blinded By Desire (featuring Lauren Brinson)
  12. Friday Night (featuring COS)
  13. The Visit (Skit) (featuring Lauren Brinson and Don Rob)
  14. I C U (featuring Tech N9ne)
  15. I'm Not Perfect (featuring COS, G-Macc, COS and Crookwood)
  16. I Don't Think My Mama Ever Loved Me (featuring Mr Blap and Irv Da Phenom)
  17. Eating Fingers (Skit) (featuring Marcell Sanders, Brandon Wade, Alex Glass and Brya Akdersen)
  18. Therapy Session (featuring Bleezo, Big NoLove, Sav Sicc and Skitso)
  19. It Happens (featuring First Degree The DE and Tall Cann)
  20. Takin' Online Orders (featuring Tech N9ne)
  21. Outro (featuring Lauren Brinson)

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