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24 Deep (1993)

Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep

24 Deep

  1. Thought They Knew (Intro)
  2. 24 Deep
  3. Had 2 Gat Ya
  4. The Next Hoe (Insert)
  5. Lose A Hoe, Gain A Hoe
  6. Back Fade
  7. Jackin' 4 Joints (featuring Shawna Cole)
  8. Walkin' 2 My Funeral (featuring Mia Bruce and T.M. Shades)
  9. Fundamentals Of Ripgut Cannibalism (Outro)

Season of da Siccness: The Resurrection (1995)

Brotha Lynch Hung - Season of da Siccness- The Resurrection

Season of da Siccness: The Resurrection

  1. Cusche Break (Intro)
  2. Siccmade
  3. Dead Man
  4. Rest In Piss
  5. Get Da Baby (Insert)
  6. Return Of Da Baby
  7. Locc 2 Da Brain (featuring Hyst, Lil' Zoe, Mr. Doctor and Zigg Zagg)
  8. Q-Ball (Insert)
  9. Liquor Sicc
  10. 40 Break (Insert)
  11. Datz Real Gangsta
  12. Deep Down (featuring Mr. Doctor)
  13. Dead Man Walking
  14. 781 Redrum (Insert)
  15. Season Of Da Siccness
  16. Welcome 2 Your Own Death
  17. Real Loccs
  18. Inhale With Da Devil

Loaded (1997)

Brotha Lynch Hung - Loaded


  1. Siccmade House (featuring First Degree The DE)
  2. My Soul To Keep (featuring Kokane)
  3. Die, 1 By 1
  4. One A Da Las Sicc Niggaz
  5. Situation (featuring E-40 and Twamp Dog)
  6. Heataz (featuring First Degree The DE, P-Folk and Polo)
  7. Did It And Did It (featuring D-Dubb and Phonk Beta)
  8. Went Way (featuring Tallcan)
  9. Thatz What I Said (featuring D-Dubb and Loki)
  10. Feel My Nature Rize (featuring Swartzaniggaz)
  11. One Mo Pound (featuring D-Dubb)
  12. On My Brief Case (featuring Phonk Beta and Zigg Zagg)
  13. Secondz Away (featuring First Degree The DE and Ice-T)
  14. Bonus Trackz

EBK4 (2000)

Brotha Lynch Hung - EBK4


  1. De One Below
  2. Catch You (featuring CoCaine and Nefarious)
  3. Hunta Killa (featuring Kyel)
  4. Dramatic (featuring First Degree The D.E, P-Folks and Spice 1)
  5. Dogg Market (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  6. Every Single Bitch
  7. My Love (featuring Pook and Shotgun)
  8. Naked Cheese (featuring Chopah and K5)
  9. Raw Meat (featuring Keak Da Sneak)
  10. Xcaliber
  11. Can't Have It (featuring Kronik)
  12. Holding On (featuring D.Dubb)
  13. One Time (featuring Bad Azz)
  14. Split Yo Face (featuring Triple Beam)
  15. Blood On Da Rug (featuring T-Macc)

Blocc Movement (2001)

Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo - Blocc Movement

Blocc Movement

  1. Intro (with C-Bo)
  2. Gangsta (Fuck a Hoe) (with C-Bo) (featuring Kam)
  3. Follow My Lead (with C-Bo) (featuring Cos and Killa Tay)
  4. Flippin' Chiccens by C-Bo
  5. 187 on a Hook (with C-Bo) (featuring Tech N9ne)
  6. The Watcher
  7. We All Thug (with C-Bo) (featuring Cos and Tall Can)
  8. 187 on 24th Street
  9. Drunken Style
  10. Dedication by C-Bo
  11. Divide (with C-Bo) (featuring Cos and Phats Bossi)
  12. There It Is
  13. Down at the Court House (Skit) (featuring Art B)
  14. Money, Power, Respect by C-Bo (featuring Spider Loc)
  15. The Plot (featuring Zagg)
  16. Where's My Checc? (Skit) (featuring Art B and Zagg)
  17. My Papers
  18. Kicc the Door In (Skit)
  19. Don't Stop (featuring Spice 1 and Yukmouth)
  20. Outro (with C-Bo)

Lynch by Inch: Suicide Note (2003)

Brotha Lynch Hung - Lynch by Inch- Suicide Note

Lynch by Inch: Suicide Note

  1. Scene: Smoke
  2. Spydie's Birth
  3. Spitz Network (featuring Cos and Yukmouth)
  4. I Went From (Intro)
  5. I Went From
  6. Watta (featuring Luni Coleone)
  7. Art Of War (featuring Cos)
  8. Everywhere I Go (featuring D-Dubb)
  9. Death Dance
  10. Break Ya Loccs (featuring Suspicion)
  11. Reachin' For Fame (featuring Cos and Tall Can)
  12. Bleeding House Mystery (featuring Zigg Zagg)
  13. Scene: Gun Runner (featuring Calico)
  14. Get Bacc Time
  15. Scene: Therapy (featuring First Degree The D.E.)
  16. My Mind Ain't Right
  17. Scene: The Meeting (featuring Loco Ricc)
  18. I Gets Off
  19. Any Given Friday (featuring Phonk Beta)
  20. Scene: The Phone Call (featuring First Degree The D.E.)
  21. Tried To Shoot
  22. Scene: John Johnson (featuring Crookwood)
  23. Suicide Note
  24. Usual Suspects (featuring B-Flat, Calico, Cos, Crookwood, D-Dubb, E-Moe, JV, Loki, Low-Down, Phonk Beta, Tall Can and Zigg Zagg)
  25. Drunken Style (Phonk Beta Remix) (featuring Loki)

The New Season (2006)

Brotha Lynch Hung And MC Eiht - The New Season

The New Season

  1. The New Season, Part 1
  2. Neighborhood Boyz
  3. That’s All U Can Do
  4. Agent Double 0 Duece 4 Blocc & CPT (Rest in Piss 2006)
  5. Sticky Sheets
  6. You Don’t Know, Who I Know
  7. Dreams
  8. When You Hear the Shots
  9. Buy Another Gun
  10. Split Ya Head
  11. Westside Ridin’
  12. War Outside (featuring Zigg Zagg)
  13. California Bangers
  14. Round Here (featuring Big Slep Rock, Devious and Lace Leno)
  15. The New Season, Part 2

The Ripgut Collection (2007)

Brotha Lynch Hung - The Ripgut Collection

The Ripgut Collection

  1. You May Be
  2. Raw Meat
  3. 24Deep
  4. Devils and Gun Smoke
  5. Heaters
  6. Did and Did It
  7. Die
  8. Last Night
  9. Papers
  10. Corpse Came to Dinner
  11. Went From
  12. My Mind Aint Right
  13. Good Night
  14. Its Just Me
  15. Suicide Note
  16. Refuse to Lose

Dinner and a Movie (2010)

Brotha Lynch Hung - Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a Movie

  1. The Interrogation (Intro) (featuring First Degree The DE and Don Rob)
  2. Colostomy Bag (featuring G-Macc and C-Lim)
  3. D.O.A. (featuring First Degree The DE)
  4. Fucc Off! (Skit)
  5. Sit In That Corner Bitch!
  6. I Know Who Did Dis (Skit) (featuring First Degree The DE, Don Rob and C.N.I.)
  7. Murder Over Hard (featuring G-Macc, End Skit and B2O)
  8. G (Skit)
  9. I Tried To Commit Suicide (featuring G-Macc and End Skit)
  10. Split Personality (featuring G-Macc)
  11. Meat (featuring First Degree The DE and G-Macc)
  12. Siccem! (featuring First Degree The DE and G-Macc)
  13. Don't Worry Momma, It's Just Bleeding (featuring Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko and First Degree The DE)
  14. The Police Is Here! Ama Hit U Bacc (Skit)
  15. I Plotted (My Next Murder)
  16. Nutbagg
  17. Highspeed (Skit)
  18. I Heard That Song B 4 (featuring C-Lim, Tallcann G, COS, End Skit and G-Smooth)
  19. I Hate When Niggaz Get On The Phone When They Around Me (Skit)
  20. Anotha Killin (featuring Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger and Kurupt)
  21. Ama Catch Up (Skit)
  22. We Played You Like A Violin (Outro)
  23. She Thinks I'm a Psycho (Pre-Order Bonus Track)

Coathanga Strangla (2011)

Brotha Lynch Hung - Coathanga Strangla

Coathanga Strangla

  1. Working Late (Intro) (featuring Lauren Brinson and Tabitha McGlothin)
  2. The Coathanga (featuring COS)
  3. Mannibalector (featuring Crookwood and COS)
  4. Look What I Did (Skit) (featuring Devious)
  5. Look It's A Dead Body
  6. Sooner Or Later (featuring Mr Blap)
  7. Fucc Off Again (Skit)
  8. Suicide Watch (featuring Devious, Lauren Brinson, First Degree The DE and Don Rob)
  9. Spit It Out (featuring COS)
  10. Red Dead Bodies (featuring G-Macc)
  11. Blinded By Desire (featuring Lauren Brinson)
  12. Friday Night (featuring COS)
  13. The Visit (Skit) (featuring Lauren Brinson and Don Rob)
  14. I C U (featuring Tech N9ne)
  15. I'm Not Perfect (featuring COS, G-Macc, COS and Crookwood)
  16. I Don't Think My Mama Ever Loved Me (featuring Mr Blap and Irv Da Phenom)
  17. Eating Fingers (Skit) (featuring Marcell Sanders, Brandon Wade, Alex Glass and Brya Akdersen)
  18. Therapy Session (featuring Bleezo, Big NoLove, Sav Sicc and Skitso)
  19. It Happens (featuring First Degree The DE and Tall Cann)
  20. Takin' Online Orders (featuring Tech N9ne)
  21. Outro (featuring Lauren Brinson)

Mannibalector (2013)

Brotha Lynch Hung - Mannibalector


  1. Newsflash (Intro)
  2. Krocadil
  3. Bacon N Eggs (Skit)
  4. MDK
  5. Disappeared
  6. Fucced Up (Skit)
  7. Eating You
  8. Tha Package
  9. Something About Susan
  10. The River (Skit)
  11. Can I Have A Napkin?
  12. Mask And Knife
  13. Meat Cleaver
  14. I Give Up
  15. Instruments (Skit)
  16. Stabbed
  17. Body On The Floor
  18. Have You Checked The Children? (Skit)
  19. Sweeney Todd
  20. Dead Bitch

Other Songs

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  1. 'N Thugs We Trust
  2. 24 Gone
  3. 501s And Rightsides
  4. Black Market
  5. Contagous
  6. Devils & Gunsmoke
  7. Frustrated
  8. G-Status
  9. Gotta Die Soon
  10. Hunch
  11. Huslin
  12. In The Beginning
  13. Is Anybody Listening
  14. Legal Dope Compilation
  15. Licker
  16. Maniac Ridaz
  17. Mr. No Print
  18. Raw Edge Bullshit
  19. Refuce 2 Looze
  20. Rollin'
  21. Silent Supper
  22. Situation On Dirty
  23. Tremendous
  24. Trouble
  25. You Ain't Wify Material

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