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Compilation album by Brook Benton.
Disc 1
  1. When I Grow Too Old to Dream
  2. Somebody to Love
  3. Ooh
  4. The Kentuckian Song
  5. Bring Me Love
  6. Some of My Best Friends
  7. Love Made Me Your Fool
  8. Give Me a Sign
  9. The Wall
  10. All My Love Belongs to You
  11. Rock 'N' Roll That Rhythm (All Nite Long)
  12. Anything for You
  13. Tell Me
  14. Partners for Life
  15. Can I Help It
  16. You Should Have Told Me
  17. I Wanna Do Everything for You
  18. Come On, Be Nice
  19. If Only I Had Known
  20. Your Love Alone
  21. A Million Miles From Nowhere
  22. Devoted
  23. Because You Love Me
  24. Crinoline Skirt
  25. Crazy in Love With You
  26. I'm Coming Back to You
  27. Only Your Love
  28. You're for Me
  29. Sentimental Daddy-O
Disc 2
  1. A Door That Is Open
  2. Ain't It Good
  3. One Love Too Many
  4. Don't Walk Away From Me
  5. May I
  6. You're Movin' Me
  7. Nothing in the World
  8. Next Stop Paradise
  9. Keep Me in Mind
  10. I'll Never Stop Trying
  11. Walking Together
  12. What a Kiss Won't Do
  13. Come on Let's Go
  14. My Love Will Last
  15. Come Back My Love
  16. A Lovers Question
  17. I'll Stop Anything I'm Doing
  18. Everything Will Be Alright
  19. Completely
  20. The Rest of the Way
  21. I'll Meet You After Church Next Sunday
  22. This Bitter Earth
  23. Looking Back
  24. Mark My Word
  25. Doggone Baby Doggone
  26. You Can't Get Away From Me
  27. Ninety-Nine Percent
  28. Steppin' Out Tonight
  29. A New Love
  30. Jesus Lover of My Soul
  31. The Devil Is a Real Bright Boy
  32. I Dreamed of a City Called Heaven
  33. You Ain't Got Faith

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