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This song is by Bronze Nazareth and features Cheehf.

I deliver pathogens of sickness from the hospital
Deconstruct your actual physical attributes whenever possible
A doctor full of Ripple, the temple's ready for the facts of life
Pass the knife and recreate the acts of Christ
Might vomit on the table, keep my sight stable
Doc Cheehf of surgery, nervous hand from White Label
Stagger to the patient's room, eyes are half moon
Fall forward on the black stool, where's my bag of tools?
Start work as I drool on the shirt
Of my saturated scrubs, fuck sanitary gloves! Nurse
Check his pulse and give him some anesthesia
Who cares how little, just so long as the man can still see ya
Got a shot glass underneath the mask
My colleagues wonder and ask why I keep tilting my head back
Gettin' dizzy as I start the proceedings
While the room is slowly spinning, and my patient starts cheeping

Bronze Nazareth:
I see the nurse and the deacon, my teeth can't speakin'
Only my vital signs, wipin' mine to the Cheehf examiner
Hands feel like lanterns, fuck, is the damn nurse
Feel like I've been slammed worse than a man in a damn hearse
In trails, grant worse than Steven Segal slacks
And he's droolin' on my hemostats, why is he leaning back?
Is that a steaming glass, hidden under his demon mask?
I'm seeing a beamin' flash, in the hallway, everlast
Ever cash is the end, where life meets past sin
His eyes look like a glass, laid with dead fish swim
Is that a scalpel or a ballpoint pen?
He's spinning on that black stool again, asking me how I am
With an isopropyl smile, and a jinn-like evil grin
Now I'm in a slight table spin, or was that the room
Or was at the Earth's axis, I see through it
Oh shit!
Red flashes!

I'm drunk as hell and I don't comprehend
Keep your body on the table, please, don't ever talk again
Despite my vision I started in with the incision
A dirty cross cut, like cannibals in the kitchen
Hopin' that his kidneys will last
As I sit lit, lay back, tappin' a syringe on the glass
Mix his blood up, every moment is a battle, not said at all
Handlin' scalpels in the back hall

Bronze Nazareth:
I hope to hell I see this doc again
I hope to hell to inhale some oxygen
And rock this man with a shot to his block head jinn
Razors, scalpels, tissues, veins, capillaries
Cups of Bloody Mary, or wait, cups o' my blood!!
And why the fuck is he closin' me up?!
Aww shit, nurse has just said 303
Is that my head?
And what the fuck is that constant beep?

*Flatline beep*

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