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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Barrell House Blues by Ed Andrews
  2. Georgia Stockade Blues by Tom Delaney
  3. Sun Brimmer's Blues by Memphis Jug Band
  4. Goin' to Leave You Blues by 'Big Boy' Cleveland
  5. Dry Bone Shuffle by Blind Arthur Blake
  6. Up Country Blues by DeFord Bailey
  7. Dead Drunk Blues by Sippie Wallace
  8. Original Stack O'Lee Blues by Long 'Cleeve' Reed & Little Harvey Hull
  9. Easy Rider Don't You Deny My Name by Barbecue Bob
  10. Bo-Lita by Kid Brown & His Blues Band
  11. Everybody Help the Boys Come Home by William & Versey Smith
  12. Church Bells Blues by Luke Jordan
  13. Two Ways to Texas by Emery Glen
  14. It Won't Be Long Now by Barbecue Bob & Charley Lincoln
  15. Bottleneck Blues by Weaver & Beasley
  16. Rock Island Blues by Lewis Black
  17. Midnight Blues by William Moore
  18. Fare Thee Blues, Part 1 by Johnnie Head
  19. My Monday Woman Blues by Jim Jackson
  20. What's the Matter Blues by Frank Stokes
  21. School Girl Blues by Rosie Mae Moore
  22. Cool Drink of Water Blues by Tommy Johnson
  23. Left Alone Blues by Ishmon Bracey
  24. T and T Blues by Mooch Richardson
  25. T.C. Johnson Blues (featuring T.C. Johnson) by 'Blue Coat' Tom Nelson
Disc 2
  1. Ham Hound Crave by Rube Lacy
  2. No More Women Blues by Alger "Texas" Alexander
  3. How Long, How Long Blues by Willie Jackson
  4. Unknown Blues by Tarter & Gay
  5. Chicken Wilson Blues by Chicken Wilson & Skeeter Hinton
  6. Stack O'Lee Blues by Mississippi John Hurt
  7. Broke and Hungry Blues by Peg Leg Howell
  8. Funny Feathers by Victoria Spivey
  9. Pitchin' Boogie by Will Ezell
  10. Mr Devil Blues by Jed Davenport
  11. Mississippi Bottom Blues by Kid Bailey
  12. Weary Heart Blues by James 'Boodle It' Wiggins
  13. Poor Man Blues by Henry Townsend
  14. Framer's Blues by Eli Framer
  15. Trinity River Blues by T-Bone Walker
  16. Heavy Suitcase Blues by Charley Taylor
  17. Traveling Mama Blues by Joe Callicott
  18. Jumpin' and Shoutin' Blues by Garfield Akers
  19. Bedside Blues by Jim Thompkins
  20. Walking Blues by Son House
  21. Future Blues by Willie Brown
  22. Long Ways From Home by Louise Johnson
  23. Frisco Blues by Bayless Rose
  24. Good Boy Blues by Arthur Pettis
  25. No Special Rider Blues by Little Brother Montgomery
Disc 3
  1. Married Man Blues by Blind Joe Reynolds
  2. Dupree Blues by Willie Walker
  3. 22-20 Blues by Skip James
  4. Lonesome Road Blues by Sam Collins
  5. Midnight Hour Blues by Leroy Carr (with Scrapper Blackwell)
  6. Fat Mama Blues by Jabo Williams
  7. Never Mind Blues by Georgia Boyd
  8. The Twelves (dirty Dozen) by Kokomo Arnold
  9. Little Leg Woman by Big Joe Williams
  10. That's What My Baby Likes by Lucille Bogan
  11. Good Whiskey Blues by Peetie Wheatstraw
  12. Strut That Thing by Cripple Clarence Lofton
  13. Teasin' Brown Blues by Louie Lasky
  14. Cold Blooded Murder No.2 by Bumble Bee Slim
  15. Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind by Blind Boy Fuller
  16. Ashes in My Whiskey by Walter Davis
  17. It's Cold in China Blues by The Mississippi Moaner
  18. Jockey Blues by Jazz Gillum
  19. Prisoner Blues by George Clarke
  20. Back Door Blues by Casey Bill Weldon
  21. Don't Sell It (Don't Give It Away) by Oscar Woods
  22. Booker T Blues by Washboard Sam
  23. Hard Scufflin' Blues by Little Buddy Doyle
  24. Jersey Belle Blues by Lonnie Johnson
  25. Baby, Please Don't Tell on Me by Tommy McClennan
Disc 4
  1. East St Louis Blues by Faber Smith & Jimmy Yancey
  2. Bukka's Jitterbug Swing by Bukka White
  3. Can't You Read by Big Maceo
  4. Life is Like That by Memphis Slim
  5. Memory of Sonny Boy by Forrest City Joe
  6. Horse Shoe Boogie by Lee Brown
  7. Ruby Moore Blues by Lee Brown
  8. Low Land Blues by Lee Brown
  9. Round the World Boogie by Lee Brown
  10. Rock That Boogie by Jimmie Gordon
  11. Fast Life by Jimmie Gordon
  12. Mistreated Blues by Jimmie Gordon
  13. I Ain't Like That No More by Jimmie Gordon
  14. Chain Gang Blues by Johnnie Temple
  15. Gimme Some of That Yum Yum Yum by Johnnie Temple
  16. My Baby's Acting Funny by Jimmie Gordon
  17. It's Time to Go by Jimmie Gordon
  18. That Woman's a Pearl Diver by Jimmie Gordon
  19. Jumpin' at the Club Blue Flame by Jimmie Gordon
  20. I Believe I'll Go Downtown Again by Johnnie Temple
  21. Something in the Moon That Gives Me a Thrill by Johnnie Temple
  22. Dixie Flyer by Johnnie Temple
  23. Believe My Sins Have Found Me Out by Johnnie Temple
  24. Rhythm Mama by Johnnie Temple
  25. New Little Girl, Little Girl by Lee Brown

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