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Once Upon A Mattress- Song Of Love

This song is by Unknown Artist.

Dauntless: I like you Fred, I like you

Fred: You're just saying those words to be kind

Dauntless: No I mean it, I like--

I mean I love you Fred!

Fred: He is out of his medieval mind


Everybody everybody everybody come

And meet my incipient wife!

I'm in love with a girl named Fred

When she shows you all how strong she is

You'll stand right up and cheer!

Knights and Ladies:

With an F and an R and an E and a D

And an F-R-E-D Fred! Hey!


I'm in love with a girl named Fred

She drinks just like a lord

So let's sing a merry drinking song

And let the wine be poured

K&L: Fill the bowl to overflowing

Raise the goblet high!


I'm in love with a girl named Fred

She sings just like a bird

Gentle voice is heard

Fred: (original) Ah ahahahahahahah!

(Revival) shoobee doo bop shoobee doo bop

Shoobee doo wabadeebee doo bow

A clever clownish wit

When she does her funny pantomime

Your sides are sure to split

Ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha ho

She wrestles like a greek


She's musical to boot

Plays upon her lute

Fred plays

She's graceful

Bravo bravo bravissimo bravo bravo bravissimo

I'm in love with a girl

He's in love with a girl

Named F-R-E-D

Fred: Wahoooo!


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