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Red Carpet

This song is by Britney Spears.

I love at-ten-tion
Kevin:Yeah baby! You-love-at-ten-tion
Briteny and Kevin: We-love-at-ten-tion
Britney: oh-ooh

Britney: saw ya walkin' down the carpet with a sexy attitude said a baby do you wanna get into the mood
Kevin: said hells yeah baby ya god damn hot now show me a lil' somethin' show me whatcha got!
Refrain:Britney and Kevin: into the bed under the covers we could be the perfect lovers
Britney:holdin' my breasts don't ever let gooooo
Kevin: don't even worry, what else have ya got to show
Britney- I got a lot if you know what I mean now baby push down harder make me wanna scream
Kevin and Britney: uh-uh-uuuuh!

Briteny: I said you know I got anotha man?
Kevin: I said yeah baby I know s' name is justan!

Britney: maybe I should tell him
Kevin: three-way?
Britney: naaaw
Kevin and Britney: Let's have a lil' freakshow maybe a peep show if you act okay

Britney: I cannot go in it is over
Kevin: I'm telling Justin and then making him roll over
Britney: step away from my man get yourelf anothahaaa
Kevin: wanna do it again?
Britney: sure let me lick you first!

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