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The Parable Of Water In Lungs

This song is by Bring Prudence.

An old moldy penny lying on the train tracks.
And I fell for that penny like a small poor boy,
Whose lanky arms bent underneath
His snotty nose and sallow cheeks,
And in the pencil outline of train tracks and backs
Our heads clashed like stubborn sheep

Now, every morning in September I'd wake up to wash my hair.
See, after Colin died on Homecoming night,
I met this girl who thinks I care,
I think she's right - I think I care,
So I make sure to chew my gum and keep my hands inside my pockets
Every night we walk (as friends).

Well the tense was present,
But the time was perfect
For her hands to find me
In the pocket of my jacket
Made of down.

And in November, Terra Cotta getting fired in the sand.
It wasn't windy, just too cold,
Too cold for her to wear my coat.
I found a way to fight away
That sheepish smoke with my inner wolf.
She's worried sick about her mug - it could get cracked
Or not at all turn out a tender Christmas gift.

He used to steal green apples from a dentist's garden,
I made a compass out of a matchbox,
It led me from thick back to thin -
I tried to kill myself again,
'Cause what's the good of summer rain if flowers never
Saw it came pouring a stream of consciousness?

Except that light inside her room must be the warmest thing for miles,
She sits me down like a child and puts her lips against my skin
But now I think I understand,
I'd quit before if I were her,
'Cause, God, the premise of the game is not to win
But just to play with something but a sickly mouse;
Just have some fun and throw it out.

What a shame - no photograph,
I guess him and I both wanted,
Him - a penny for his penury, and I - this love.
Well, we can't have it.

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