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This song is by Brian Webb and appears on the album The Fortunate Poets (1998).

You know I think its funny, She used to call me the strong one
But I don't think that 'strong' sleeps until three
I don't think strong watches Ricki Lake two times a day
And I don't think strong is me

I'm thinking strong is faith, accepting, then learning
But it can't mean understanding, because I don't understand
But see, I'm trying to learn that, Well being the strong one
That's a relative term

I never was that strong
To hold her as high as she needs to be held
And I never was that strong
To love her so much, that she'd learn to love herself
And after I'de given her everything I can
I bury my head in these empty hands
I pray when everything falls a part
The end would spring a new start

Broken, God teach me some wisdom through this pain
Show me the sunshine behind this cloudy head of mine
And he gives me two trees, that have fallen on one another
But they're perfectly balanced with eachother
Now she is hangin' by her last root
And he is still hanging by, well, maybe two or three
So calls himself the strong one, but what he's missing
Is in a codependency, she needs you to love and you just
Love her to need. I think you're only as strong as her dependency

As fait would have it. someone she knows gives her a firm foundation
And the freedom to grow.
Well I never gave her that and maybe that hurt the most,
But you need to be needed, you need to learn to be alone.

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