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The Blend (1987)

Brian Ritchie - The Blend

The Blend

  1. Alphabet
  2. Two Fat Dogs
  3. Austrian Anthill
  4. Days of the Blend
  5. Doin' the Best We Can
  6. Arab Song
  7. Feast of Fools
  8. Nuclear War
  9. The Toad
  10. John the Revelator
  11. Song of the Highest Tower

Villa Inferno (2008)

The Zen Circus & Brian Ritchie - Villa Inferno

Villa Inferno

  1. Dead Penfriend
  2. Wild Wild Life
  3. Beat the Drum
  4. Punk Lullaby
  5. Dirty Feet
  6. Figlio di puttana
  7. Like a Girl Never Would
  8. Narodna pjesma
  9. He Was Robert Zimmerman
  10. Vana gloria
  11. Oh, the River!
  12. Vent'anni
  13. Les tantes de la dimanche

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  • Instruments: Bass guitar, guitar, shakuhachi, jaw harp, didgeridoo, xylophone, keyboard

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Brian Ritchie is a performance name for Brian Ritchie.

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  • The Break


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