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The Ship

This song is by Brian Eno and appears on the album The Ship (2016).

The ship was from the willing land
The waves about it roll
And as aglow by powdered sand
We lift, we loot, we haul

The time is still, the sky is young
Drawn on towards the goal
And we are as the undescribed
To take and lose control

Oh hallelujah, pray for me,
The man who turned away
My desert in a grain of sand.
My life within a day

So smooth the stones that count the tides,
The piper plays a reed
But we are as the undefined,
Breaking of the wing

When pray with time at memory day
And pray the tie told
The sail is down the wind is gone
The sky is blessed with growth

The slave to host a pistody
Illusion of control
And we are as the unrefined
The wake about to roll

[Background female voice talking]
"Can I take the freedom and forget you?
How can it, form contractions
Don't talk that I'm frightened
Do I know exactly my husband?
That I love you.
We miss you, after that
Go get brethren (grab her then)
I still act"

[Intermixed by different men voices interjecting words]
"Go about it, a song
Another ghost, by himself, I like that
You are too polite
The thing
No wait!
Come back
A man
In twos
A timer
The sand
Light up
The vibration
That pearly
What a waste
Of help
As wave

After wave
After wave
After wave
After wave.

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