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Fickle Sun (ii) The Hour Is Thin

This song is by Brian Eno and appears on the album The Ship (2016).

The hour is thin
Trafalgar Square is calm
Birds and cold black dark, the final famine of a wicked sun
And the web that died yesterday

I was a hard-copy version, I turned my eyes directly to hate
Then, the hammer of toil
Tired of what the world has yet brought forth, with the women waving at war,
And the news that war is faith
Filled with tremendous cheering, leaping, and night rings. Ding, dang, and gongs
Who did not feel any purpose?

The phoenix broods, serene above the moment
You are fighting for, I wonder what, destiny

We waste away our hours and darken
Beneath the velvet of a strong optimism
Britain's most fateful hour is spun

Copy this point on a gong

Choirs, like bells, like a national truce
And the new sun, where the air is something new
Men dream of a swell so high, endeavor to get through the lies and the bees to find something that historians can rake out of the drums
And all that color and savagery
Boom, the dark
And the web that died yesterday

The phoenix broods serene above the tower of time, not enough boats
He admitted without shame that he had entered into the dreams of the named addressee in the velvet of war

Well lad, you've taken my heart away. I shall miss the heart of the cold, black sea
Before ever there was writing, they were taking up stones to hurl at last stroke,
But nobody looked back

There were soldiers, there was a cradle

The universe is required
Please notify the sun.

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