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Shades of Gray (2005)

  • As Brent Black
Brentalfloss - Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

  1. Brent's Introduction
  2. Overture And Prologue
  3. Shades Of Gray
  4. My Magical Place
  5. The Grand Theft Auto III Song
  6. Talk To Her!
  7. I Want Him
  8. The Roommate Song (S.O.G. Version)
  9. A Brand New Face
  10. Bad To You
  11. What's So Funny?
  12. The Songwriters' Duet
  13. Inmates
  14. My Favorite Thing
  15. It's Still Me
  16. When You Come Home
  17. Finale
  18. Curtain Call

What if This CD... Had Lyrics? (2010)

Brentalfloss - What If This CD... Had Lyrics?

What if This CD... Had Lyrics?

  1. Ducktales With Lyrics (Moon Theme)
  2. Gypsy Tetris
  3. Tetris With Lyrics (Gameboy - A-type)
  4. Corey
  5. Final Fantasy Victory Theme With Lyrics
  6. Good Example
  7. Mega Man 3 With Lyrics (Title Theme)
  8. Bubble Man With Lyrics (Mega Man 2)
  9. Final Fantasy Classic With Lyrics
  10. A Boy And His Blob Mini-lyric (Earth Theme)
  11. Gotta Run/Be The One (featuring The Megas)
  12. Paperboy With Lyrics (featuring The Konami Kode)
  13. Mario Piano Medley
  14. Final Fantasy IV Love Theme With Lyrics
  15. The Roommate Song
  16. Dr. Mario With Lyrics (Fever Theme)
  17. Introspective Duck In Space (Ducktales Moon Theme)
  18. Mushroom Kingdom
  19. Zelda With Lyrics (NES - Overworld Theme)
  20. The End?

The Super-Secret EP (2011)

Brentalfloss - The Super-Secret EP

The Super-Secret EP

  1. Mr. Carey Christenberry
  2. It's Time I Told You
  3. Turn The Page
  4. This Coming Thursday
  5. Two Waltzes And A Love Theme
  6. The Pussycat Song

What if This CD... Had G-RATED Lyrics? (2011)

Brentalfloss - What If This CD... Had G-Rated Lyrics?

What if This CD... Had G-RATED Lyrics?

  1. Boring Parental Disclaimer
  2. Ducktales With G-Rated Lyrics (Moon Theme)
  3. Gypsy Tetris
  4. Tetris With G-Rated Lyrics
  5. Corey (G-Rated)
  6. Final Fantasy Victory Theme With G-Rated Lyrics
  7. Good Example (G-Rated)
  8. Mega Man 3 With G-Rated Lyrics
  9. Bubble Man With G-Rated Lyrics
  10. Final Fantasy Classic With G-Rated Lyrics
  11. A Boy And His Blob Mini-lyric (Earth Theme)
  12. Gotta Run/Be The One (G-Rated) (featuring The Megas)
  13. Paperboy With G-Rated Lyrics (featuring The Konami Kode)
  14. Mario Piano Medley
  15. Final Fantasy IV Love Theme With G-Rated Lyrics
  16. Dr. Mario With G-Rated Lyrics (Fever Theme)
  17. Introspective Duck In Space (Ducktales Moon Theme)
  18. Mushroom Kingdom (G-Rated)
  19. Zelda With G-Rated Lyrics

Bits of Me (2012)

Brentalfloss - Bits Of Me

Bits of Me

  1. This Is The Album You've Been Waiting For
  2. Mega Man 2 Title With Lyrics
  3. Banjo-Kazooie With Lyrics
  4. Mega Man 3 Game Over With Lyrics
  5. The 2-2 Blues
  6. Contra With Lyrics
  7. Super Mario Bros. 3 With Lyrics
  8. Final Fantasy VI With Beerics (Extended Remix)
  9. Super Mario Bros. 2 Ending Credits With Lyrics
  10. Star Fox: Space Oddity
  11. Meet Me In The Dungeon, Dear
  12. Castlevania II With Lyrics
  13. The Truth About Toad
  14. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! With Lyrics
  15. Introspective Man In Blue
  16. Baby Mario & Papa Yoshi
  17. Zelda II With Lyrics
  18. Classic Ending Credits With Lyrics

Unreleased YouTube Songs! (2013)

Brentalfloss - Unreleased YouTube Songs!

Unreleased YouTube Songs!

  1. Civilization With Lyrics
  2. Ghosts N' Goblins With Lyrics
  3. Here At The Gaming Con
  4. Kirby With Lyrics
  5. Little Nemo With Lyrics
  6. Mario Paint With Lyrics
  7. Nintendo Mii Channel With Lyrics
  8. The Pokémen!
  9. Robo Roll'd
  10. Thief With Lyrics
  11. Internet People 2
  12. MacGyver With Lyrics
  13. Life And Level Promo Song
  14. Ducktales: The Amazon With Lyrics
  15. Chrono Trigger: The Musical
  16. Sewer Surfin' With Lyrics
  17. Louis Armstrong Sings Super Mario World
  18. Super Mario Bros: The Musical (Live)

Benchwarmer, Vol. 1 (2013)

  • As Brent Black
Brentalfloss - Benchwarmer, Vol. 1

Benchwarmer, Vol. 1

  1. It's a Secret to Everybody
  2. The Broccoli Rag
  3. Lightbulb Ballad
  4. Four-Handed Panic
  5. The Messy One-Take Boogie

Flossophy (2014)

Brentalfloss - Flossophy


  1. Intro To Flossophy
  2. Earthbound With Lyrics
  3. Super Mario Bros: The Musical
  4. The Team Fortress 2 Song
  5. Super Mario Land With Lyrics (featuring Dave Bulmer)
  6. Game Launch Rock! (featuring Dodger)
  7. Ken's Theme With Lyrics (featuring On Being Human)
  8. Cave Story With Lyrics
  9. Mario Paint With Lyrics
  10. The Game Over Tinies
  11. The Chocobo Song With Lyrics
  12. Zidane To Vivi
  13. 3DS StreetPass With Lyrics
  14. Tecmo Bowl With Lyrics (featuring Niko Tsakalakos)
  15. Luigi's Mansion With Lyrics
  16. Introspective Bounty Hunter In Space
  17. Zelda: A Link To The Past With Lyrics
  18. Ballad Of The Mages (featuring Mega Ran and Madinthemoon)
  19. Metroid: Fight For Love (featuring Alysha Umphress)
  20. The Bioshock Song

Misc. YouTube Songs

With Lyrics

  1. Bubble Bobble with Lyrics
  2. Donkey Kong Country with Lyrics
  3. Dragon Warrior with Lyrics
  4. Ducktales: The Amazon with Lyrics (Original Demo)
  5. Final Fantasy 4 Wedding Lyrics
  6. Final Fantasy VI with Beerics
  7. Final Fantasy VII with Lyrics
  8. Limbo with Lyrics
  9. Link Up with Me Baby
  10. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon with Lyrics
  11. Mario Kart 8 with Lyrics
  12. Mario Paint with Lyrics (Original Demo)
  13. Miitomo with Lyrics
  14. Phoenix Wright with Lyrics
  15. Shadow of the Colossus with Lyrics
  16. Shovel Knight with Lyrics
  17. Super Mario 3D World with Lyrics
  18. Super Mario Bros. with Lyrics
  19. Super Mario Land 2 with Lyrics
  20. Super Mario Sunshine with Lyrics
  21. Wii Shop Channel with Lyrics
  22. Zelda: Ocarina of Time with Lyrics


  1. How The Trump Stole Christmas!
  2. Ke$ha Plays Majora's Mask
  3. Nintendohemian Rhapsody
  4. STDs: Gotta Catch 'em All!


  1. A Heartfelt Song
  2. Brentalfloss' Minecraft Song
  3. Crash Man Funk Remix
  4. DK Rap 2018
  5. Donald Trump's Dick
  6. If There Ever Were A Species For Whom Sex Hurt
  7. Just One Duck
  8. Piano Man: The Mad-Lib
  9. Priest Lightnin'!
  10. The 2011 Brentmas Mad-Lib
  11. The Ballad of Jeff
  12. The Bioshock Infinite Song
  13. The BioShock Song: Ragtime Version
  14. The CD is Here
  15. The Great Interactive Mad-Lib 2011
  16. The Great Interactive Mad-Lib 2012
  17. The Slender Man Song
  18. Undertale: The Musical - Papyrus' Song
  19. Wear Me on Your Boobs

Songs Featuring Brentalfloss

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  • Born: 1984

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brentalfloss is a performance name for Brent Black.

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  • 2007-present


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