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Sweet Impossible You

This song is by Brenda Lee.

Black was white, the day was night
If you said it was true
Yeah world was square
I didn't care with sweet impossible you
You changed everything about me
Now you look for some one new
You say you can live without me
You make me love you now
Your gonna change that too
But you go on, I'll find someone
Though I don't know who
Could ever be the things I do
Sweet impossible you

Yes, I'm the reason, for your leaving
You say that we are through
Well let it be, ah you'll never see
Sweet impossible you
You think it's right that I'm left
Yes with my little world upside down

You say it's easy to forget, ah but it's not easy
That's just the way it sounds
But you go on, and I'll find someone
Though I don't know who
Ah, I'd could ever be
The things I see in sweet impossible you


Written by:

Ronnie Self

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