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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Big Big World (album version) by Emilia
  2. I Wish (radio mix) by Oli.P
  3. No Matter What (single version) by Boyzone
  4. If You Believe (radio mix) by Sasha
  5. Each Time (radio edit) by East 17
  6. Have You Ever? (radio edit) by Brandy
  7. Shine (David's Song) (featuring Jemini) (radio mix) by Lamar
  8. H.I.V. (single-/video-version) by Down Low
  9. Lean on Me (With the Family) (radio version) by 2-4 Family
  10. Fly Away (album version) by Lenny Kravitz
  11. Would You...? (radio edit) by Touch And Go
  12. Get Freaky (featuring Abe) (single edit) by Music Instructor
  13. Call Me Mañana (Heavy Horses radio) by Scooter
  14. Too Much Rain (A.T.B. vs. Woody Van Eyden) by United Deejays For Central America
  15. In 2 Eternity (featuring Carisma) (single version) by DJ Sammy
  16. Believe (shortened album version) by DJ Quicksilver
  17. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom (airplay version) by Vengaboys
  18. Ich will Spaß (Spielt mich im Radio Mix) by Philipp
  19. This Goodbye Is Not Forever (single/album version) by Touché
  20. Push It (Again) (DJ Tonka remix edit) by Salt-N-Pepa
Disc 2
  1. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) (radio edit) by Jay-Z
  2. Liebes Lied (single version) by Beginner
  3. Miami by Will Smith
  4. Everybody Now (Olá Ey) (radio edit) by Southside Rockers
  5. Take a Ride (featuring K.S.T.) (radio/video version) by Nucomers
  6. Respect (radio mix) by Spike
  7. Das Glockenspiel (video edit) by Schiller
  8. Knight Rider (featuring K.I.T.T.) (radio edit) by TV Junkeez
  9. It's a Fine Day (radio edit) by Miss Jane
  10. Narcotic (radio edit) by Liquido
  11. Auld Lang Syne (single version) by Die Toten Hosen
  12. Grounded (radio edit) by Scycs
  13. Vater wo bist du? (single edit) by Die 3. Generation
  14. Regenbögen (radio mix) by Cappuccino
  15. Wo bist du jetzt? (radio edit) by Echt
  16. Ich will euer Leben nicht! (radio version) by Basis
  17. Nomansland (David's Song) (vocal radio cut) by DJ Sakin & Friends
  18. Wishing You Were Here (radio/video version) by Sqeezer
  19. Hijo de la luna (radio version) by Loona
  20. Goodbye (radio edit) by Spice Girls

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