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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Together Again by Janet Jackson
  2. Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
  3. When Susanna Cries by Espen Lind
  4. One More Song by The Kelly Family
  5. To the Moon & Back by Savage Garden
  6. Walk on By by Young Deenay
  7. Open Your Mind by R'N'G
  8. Mädchen No. 1 by Hausmarke
  9. On Court Toujours by Déborah
  10. Too Much by Spice Girls
  11. My Love Is the Shhh! (featuring Trina & Tamara) by Somethin' For The People
  12. I'll Be There for You by Solid HarmoniE
  13. Mirror Mirror by Trey D.
  14. In My Bed by Dru Hill
  15. Hit Me Right by Down Low
  16. I Never Told You by Flip Da Scrip
  17. Freisein (introducing Xavier Naidoo) By Sabrina Setlur
  18. Ich liebe mich by Basis
  19. Willst Du mit mir geh'n? by Fünf Sterne Deluxe
  20. Ameno (remix) by Era
Disc 2
  1. All I Have to Give (radio version) by Backstreet Boys
  2. Angels by Robbie Williams
  3. I'm Gonna Miss You Forever (radio edit) by Aaron Carter
  4. Finally (single mix) by 5NY
  5. Doctor Jones (Metro's 7" edit) by Aqua
  6. Don't Stop (radio edit) by No Authority
  7. Matador (single mix) by El Paso
  8. Bamboogie (radio edit) by Bamboo
  9. Fight for Your Right (To Party) (single version) by N.Y.C.C.
  10. We Want Some P... (video / radio edit) by Smax
  11. Funky Beats (radio edit) by Groove Gangsters
  12. Bip Bip Bop (radio edit) by Paralyzer
  13. Crash Course (short cut) by WestBam
  14. Your Own Reality (single mix) by Kai Tracid
  15. Heartbeat (radio mix) by Blank & Jones
  16. Stamp Your Feet (radio edit) by DJ Disco
  17. Mama Konda (original radio edit) by Orinoko
  18. Back to the Jungle (radio / video version) by Jungle Kids
  19. Open Your Eyes by Guano Apes
  20. Pushed Again by Die Toten Hosen

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